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Arash teams up with Nyusha, Pitbull and Blanco for FIFA World Cup football song

Arash & Nyusha from the official video of 'Goalie, Goalie'
Arash & Nyusha from the official video of ‘Goalie, Goalie’

Arash, Nyusha, Pitbull, Blanco have all teamed up for a FIFA World Cup football song. It is entitled Goalie, Goalie.

The song is composed by Mohombi, Cederic Lorrain, Blanco “The Ear”, Armando Christian Perez, Alexandru Cotoi, Andrei Ropcea and Cezar Cazano. It is produced by  Alexandru Cotoi and co-produced by Andrei Ropcea and Bennie Amey III.

Arash & AySel represented Azerbaijan at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with the popular Always.

You can see the official video for Goalie, Goalie below.

Source: YouTube/Arash; ESC Covers