OGAEvision 2017 – SWEDEN

OGAE Sweden is the next country to be present at the OGAEvision contest in Berlin during the weekend of 14 to 16 July. Their entry will sing a selection song from 2009. https://www.youtube.com/watch…

OGAEvision 2017 – HUNGARY

OGAE Hungary is another new club and we are happy to see them taking part in the OGAEvision contest in Berlin in July. WHAT ABOUT MY DREAMS is a great song and Rego, what about surprising us and sing a line of it in Hungarian? We notice a lot of euro stuff on his walls […]

OGAEvision 2017 – UKRAINE

We are really happy to see OGAE UKRAINE sending an entry to the OGAEvision contest in Berlin during the weekend 14 to 16 July. We just would have liked them to pick a Eurovision cover rather than a selection song which less people are familiar with but could we see an upset victory on the […]

OGAEvision contest 2017 – AUSTRIA

The 3rd OGAE CLUB to be at the OGAEvision song contest 2017 during the BERLIN weekend 14 to 16 July is AUSTRIA who is rising like phoenix these days. They have gone quite international with two singers from different countries and singing a song from Romania. Will this be running on air or is this […]

OGAEvision contest 2017 – MALTA

We move onto the second entry in the OGAEvision song contest which forms part of the BERLIN WEEKEND from 14 to 16 July (in Berlin, the capitol of Germany). If you follow this link, you will be getting some info on the song chosen by OGAE Malta – interesting that after Germany picked a song […]

OGAEvision contest 2017 – GERMANY

The Berlin weekend takes place 14 to 16 July (obviously in Berlin) and part of it is the OGAEvision song contest. There will be entries from 12 OGAE clubs and for the next days we will highlight each one. First up is the entry from the GERMAN clubs – they have two clubs and they […]