Watch ZENA perform ‘Like It’ in Israel club

ZENA recently performed Like It in a packed club in Israel. The crowd are going wild and loving every minute of her performance and ZENA appears to be enjoying it also. ZENA got to the final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest representing Belarus. Check out ZENA’s performance of Like It below. Source: ESC Covers

ZENA releases official music video for ‘Like It’

 ZENA has released the official music video for Like It. She made it all the way to the final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest for Belarus with her catchy upbeat dance song. The video clip was shot in Moscow in between her various travel promotions for her hit song Like It. You can see […]

Svetlana Agarval releases new song ‘Anjana’ made in India with the Bollywood beat

Svetlana Agarval has released a brand new single and video clip for the song Anjana. It was made in Mumbai, India and has a pulsating Bollywood beat and production. Svetlana is from Belarus and her music combines the Bollywood sound with east/west strong productions. Svetlana was chosen to represent Belarus at the Türkvizyon Song Contest and […]

Belarus: Let us not forget the song ‘Run’ by Eva Kogan from the 2019 Eurofest

Eva Kogan had a charming song in the 2019 Belarus Eurofest national selection. We should not forget this classy song called Run performed elegantly and beautifully by Eva. Run is composed by Leonid Shyrin and Natalia Tambovtseva. It will be a great song to relax to on our summer playlists. I am sure we will be […]

Olga Satsiuk ft. Dee Clark release top club hit ‘Davay soydom s uma’

Olga Satsiuk ft. Dee Clark have made another top club hit that is perfect for the dance floors entitled Davay soydom s uma (Let’s go crazy). Davay soydom s uma has a pulsating beat and also showcases the vocals of Olga perfectly. Olga continues to mature in to a talented singer and model and tv presenter. […]

Belarus: Svetlana Agarval wins special honour from World Book of Records (London)

The popular singer from Belarus, Svetlana Agarval, has been awarded a special honour from the World Book of Records (London). Svetlana has a unique sound and performs Indian Bollywood music. The honour is in respect of the Outstanding World Performers and is for her contribution to cultural development of relations between Belarus and India. Most […]

Belarus: Svetlana Agarval performs at New Year celebration with ‘Ya ne kamennaya’

Svetlana Agarval performed on Vitebsk tv in Belarus as part of the New Year celebrations. She sang Ya ne kamennaya (I am not a stone). Svetlana is a versatile artist who also specialises in performing Indian Bollywood type songs with a touch of Belarussian charm. Check out Svetlana singing Ya ne kamennaya below. Source: ESC Covers

Diana Gromova returns with cool new song and lyric video for ‘Beskonechno’

Diana Gromova is back with a brand single entitled Beskonechno (Infinitely). It has an edgy and cool, feel good vibe. Beskonechno is composed by Vlad Chizhikov. The sound and production is courtesy of Gross Music. The lyric video is by Mash Romanovskaya. The vocal recording was at Forz Studio. Mastering and mixing were by Sergey Kamaz. Diana continues to blossom […]

Alekseev with special guest Ani Lorak in concert in Minsk

Alekseev gave a concert in Minsk at the Palace of Republic. His special guest was Ani Lorak, who represented Ukraine at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with Shady Lady. Alekseev and represented Belarus at the Eurovision in Lisbon earlier this year. In the concert he sang the Russian version of his entry Forever.

Gallery: 2018 Junior Eurovision Opening Party

The official 2018 Junior Eurovision Opening Party took place in Minsk, Belarus. Here is a gallery of photos from the reception –