Alyona Lanskaya & Alex Rom release ‘Dolgozhdannaya moya’

Alyona Lanskaya & Alex Rom have released a duet song Dolgozhdannaya moya (The long awaited mine). It is a mid tempo ballad pop song with a nice melody. Dolgozhdannaya moya is composed by Evgeny Oleinik and Julia Bykova. The arrangement and mixing and mastering are by Boris Lankov and Evgeny Oleinik. Alyona represented Belarus at the 2013 […]

Maria Ermakova releases new single ‘Silnaya’

Maria Ermakova has released her brand new song entitled Silnaya (Strong). It is a powerful and epic sound with melody and guitars and a strong production and beautifully sung by Maria’s clear vocals. Silnaya is composed by Michael Soul. The productions is courtesy of ToneTwins. Maria took part in the 2019 Belarus Junior Eurovision national selection […]

Interview: Uzari (2015 ESC Belarus)

Uzari & Maimuna represented Belarus at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with Time. ESC Covers talked with Uzari about his new album, ‘Say Wow’ and his experience at Eurovision and about his career. 1. Hello Uzari. Congratulations on the release of your new album, ‘Say Wow’. Can you tell us about the album and inspirations […]

Maria Zhilina releases Wartime memorial song ‘Desyatyy nash desantnyy batal’on’

Maria Zhilina has released a Wartime memorial song Desyatyy nash desantnyy batal’on (Our tenth landing battalion). Maria sings the tender song gently and with emotion. Maria has participated several times in the Belarus Junior Eurovision national selections including the anthemic Welcome To My Belarus in 2018. Maria has had success in many music festivals including Pearls of […]


ALYONA LANSKAYA, who represented BELARUS in the 2013 Eurovision song contest, has a new song and video out. It is called TY MOY. The song was composed by Max Lorens who himself has tried several times to represent Belarus at Eurovision.  

Diana Gromova releases brand new song and music video for ‘Yesli’

Diana Gromova has released a brand new song entitled Yesli (If). She releases the cool and emotional track on the day of her birthday. Yesli is composed by Vlad Chizhikov and the sound production is by Nikita Ignatenko. The music video is by Mash Romanovskaya. Diana is from Belarus and she is very versatile and releases consistently good […]

Watch: Eva Kogan and her short video of ‘Pryhažosć’

    Eva Kogan recently released her brand new song Pryhažosć (Beauty). She has made another short video of her singing the song with the smell of spring in the air. Pryhažosć is composed by Uzari Nawrocki and Daria Belkevich. Eva took part in the 2019 Belarus Eurovision national selection with Run. You can see the new video of […]

VAL to represent Belarus at 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Da Vidna’

VAL have won the national selection in Minsk and will represent Belarus at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in The Netherlands with Da Vidna (Before dawn). The song was performed in the Belarussian language. Valerie Gribusova and Vlad Pashkevich are the duo that make up VAL. You can see VAL perform their winning song below. […]

Watch: Eva Kogan feat. Korol Project perform ‘Pryhažosć’ on Belarus-1 channel

Eva Kogan feat. Korol Project performed the song Pryhažosć (Beauty) on the Makaenka, 9 tv show on Belarus-1 channel. Recently ESC Covers reported about this upbeat Belarussian sung dance rock song with a strong production and feelgood vibe. Eva’s vocals sound great on the cool and positive song. Eva took part in the 2019 Belarus Eurovision national […]

Belarus: Eva Kogan releases new song ‘Pryhažosć’

Eva Kogan has released a brand new song Pryhažosć (Beauty). Eva sings this upbeat track in the Belarussian language. It is catchy and has a strong beat and Eva’s vocals suit the song perfectly. Pryhažosć is composed by Uzari Nawrocki and Daria Belkevich. The orchestration is by ArtPlatforma and mix and mastering is by Paul Sinilo. Eva is a talented […]