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The 2017 Eurovision convention takes place 9 and 10 September in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. In the NIGHT OF EUROVISION gala concert, a lot of artists will take to the stage. ESCCovers will highlight them one by one, hopefully getting to all of them before the event.

The first one is Lys Assia, a Swiss singer who won the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 with the song REFRAIN, composed by Emile Gardez and Geo Voumard.

In 2007 she teamed up with Beatrice and they brought out a CD together, although it features just two songs in duet, but several evergreens from Lys.

We are sure she still has it to entertain Euro fans 62 years after her victory.


Interview: Beatrice (from O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016 selection)

Beatrice {copyright: Beatrice/Olga Capatina/trm.md}
Beatrice {copyright: Beatrice/Olga Capatina/trm.md}

Beatrice will perform Save My Heart For You in the O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016 second semi-final on 25 February. The song is composed by Nicklas Säwström and Christian Löwenborg Wahlström. Here Beatrice talks to esc.covers.com.

Hello Beatrice. Congratulations on making it to the O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016 semi finals. How did it feel when you heard you had made it to the semi-finals?

Hello Ian.  Thank you. I was very excited at that moment. At first, I couldn’t believe it, but then I’ve started to realise how much responsibility this involves and began making plans about my performance on the scene.

What was the audition process like?

It was more like an exam for me, with lot of different emotions.

What would it mean to you to represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden?

It would mean a lot of responsibility for me to represent my country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden. But I’d also be very proud and thankful for giving me this chance. That’s why I’m working every day to make my three minutes song unrepeatable and wonderful.

Can you tell us about your song ‘Save My Heart For You’ and what it is about?

The song is about love. Love is all around us and I think that this is the most beautiful thing that people can feel. This amazing song is also about enjoying the moment, trying to love with all our heart , unchaining our true feelings and not missing the chance we were given to love and to be loved.

‘Save My Heart For You’ is composed by Swedish songwriters? How did you get involved with them for O Melodie Pentru Europa?

Yes. They are Nicklas Säwström and Christian Löwenborg Wahlström. Well, my voice teacher, Viorica Atanasov, told me that there is such an opportunity to participate at the National Eurovision Song Contest by taking part at the project “O melodie pentru Europa”. So we listened to many songs, but this one I liked as I heard the first chords and we decided that it also fits perfectly with my temperament and my voice.

I’d like to say “Thank You” to the songwriters Nicklas Säwström and Christian Löwenborg Wahlström for the ‘Save my heart for you’ song, which I love for already three months since I’m in this Eurovision “fever”. ))

Can you tell us about your background in music? Have you recorded any other songs?

I started my musical education at the kinder garden, when I represented it at a national competition. From that moment, music came to my life and has stayed there till now, while I’m participating in different competitions, concerts and sing various covers.. Yes, I’ve tried to record some songs of my own, but I havent’s found my style yet.

7. Who are your musical influences?

I used to listen to all kinds of music especially Sting, Beyoncé , Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Mark Anthony. Recently I’ve made a passion for Within Temptation. I like different styles, and the emotions they evoke.

8. Have you participated in any music festivals either in Moldova or abroad? If so can you tell us something about them?

I didn’t take part in any music festivals abroad, but I have great future plans and expectations and I wish a growing musical career.

9. Do you watch the Eurovision Song Contest on tv, and do you have any favourite songs from over the years?

I watch the ESC on tv almost every year. In 2005, my favourite song was ‘Bunica bate toba’ by our Moldavian Zdob and Zdub band. Other songs that are on my favourite playlist are: Aram (Armenia) – ‘Not Alone’ ESC 2014, Loreen (Sweden) – ‘Euphoria’ ESC 2012 winner, Marija Serifovic ( Serbia) – ‘Molitva’ (2007) winner.  There are and other good and memorable songs. And I think that actually this is the magic of the ESC, that the whole of Europe can discover new talents and wonderful songs from all the corners of our continent.

Anyway good luck at O Melodie Pentru Europa.

Thank You and wish You all the best.

You can listen to Save My Heart For You below.

Source: www.esccovers.com