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ESC Covers is a website that focus on covers, mainly Eurovision songs covered in other languages or by other artists. We also give attention to the covers of songs by Eurovision singers where the song in question was not the artist actual Eurovision entry. In this regard we look especially at ABBA. They had so many great songs and so many artists recorded their songs,either in English or another language. We had a fantastic surprise two days ago when we discovered a trio of MILAN, PAUL & ELA who had recorded not one but THREE ABBA songs in German. Roy and Ian had such a great time discovering these songs. We will feature all three, one by one. It is important for us to feature each one separate so it stands out. We tried to gather information of Milan, Paul and Ela but found very little other than Milan seemed to have been born in Italy. Our guess is that they operated in the 70’s in the Italian part of Switzerland.

The second song we look at is their cover of BANG-A-BOOMERANG. It is called SING WENN DU MAL TRAURIG BIST.