Watch: Azaliya perform her hit song ‘Da budut tantsy’ on tv in Ufa, Russia

Azaliya is a promising and talented young singer from Russia and earlier this year she released her hit song Da budut tantsy (Let there be dancing). She has just performed the catchy and upbeat song on BST channel in Ufa, Russia. The tv event was organised by the radio station, Yuldash. Azaliya was performing in her […]

Watch: Azaliya covers ‘How You Like That’, ‘Cambio Dolor’ and ‘Break My Heart’

Azaliya is a talented young singer from Russia. She had success earlier this year on ‘Nu-ka, vse vmeste!’ (the Russian version of the tv show ‘All Together Now!’). She has recently recorded some covers of songs and made short music videos to accompany them. How You Like That is currently a massive worldwide hit for K-Pop […]

Azaliya releases new fun video of ‘Da budut tantsy’

Azaliya has released a short new and happy video clip with her friends and family singing her hit song Da budut tantsy (Let there be dancing). Azaliya is thrilled with the results of the video and all the friends and fans who submitted fun clips of them dancing. The idea really works well. Azaliya was a […]

Azaliya releases cover version of ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd

Azaliya has released a cover version of the international hit song Blinding Lights be The Weeknd. It is an upbeat acoustic version of the song. Ruslan Baiguzin helped with the interpretation of the music. The idea for the music video was originally for Azaliya to dress in shorts and t-shirt. However, the summer days were not […]

Azaliya and her cover of ‘Credo’ by Zivert

Azaliya has done a cool cover version of the song Credo by Zivert. She will compete in the #Spoiponova online cover contest with the song. Azaliya was a popular contestant on ‘Nu-ka, vse vmeste!’ (the Russian version of the tv show ‘All Together Now!’) You can see the music video for Credo below. Source: ESC Covers

Azaliya sings ‘Siniy platochek’ – Victory Day tribute song

Azaliya has recorded a special version of the song Siniy platochek (Blue scarf) as a tribute to Victory Day in Europe. Siniy platochek is a gently and melodic song performed beautifully by Azaliya. Azaliya was a popular contestant on ‘Nu-ka, vse vmeste!’ (‘All Together Now!’) tv show in Russia. You can see the clip of Azaliya singing Siniy […]

Azaliya releases cool cover of ‘Dance Monkey’ by Tones and I

Azaliya has released a fun and cool cover version of the worldwide hit, Dance Monkey, by Tones and I. Azaliya performed Dance Monkey as a contestant on the Russian tv show ‘Nu-ka, vse vmeste!’ (‘All Together Now!’). She enjoyed doing the song so much she recorded it and made a fun video. Azaliya recently released […]

Check out ‘Da budut tantsy’ by Azaliya

Azaliya has released a new track entitled Da budut tantsy (Let there be dancing). It is an upbeat dance song with a strong vibe and beat. Azaliya has been successfully participating in ‘Nu-ka, vse vmeste!’ (the Russian version of the tv show ‘All Together Now!’). Sergey Lazarev is one of judges on the show and praised […]