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Alika performs Estonian cover of Luxembourg 1973 Eurovision winning song

Alika recently gave a rousing performance in the Estonian language of Tu Te Reconnaîtras, the winning 1973 Eurovision winning song for Luxembourg by Anne-Marie David.

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Here is the EUROVISION TOP 100 made in response to the top 10’s sent by 103 members of Eurovision Cafe, MUSIC, eurovision and beyond, Compare and INFE Australia and some Eurovision stars!
No. 14 in our list is:

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Dear RTL TV Luxembourg,

We would like to see you return to the Eurovision Song Contest stage in 2016.

After Italy’s successful return to the Eurovision stage in 2010, and in a short period of time Italy have produced two almost winners in the ESC competition in recent years. Now is the perfect time to bring back another classic country and blast from the past.
Luxembourg. Who in the past have been able to bring some amazing talent to the show from all over Europe. As one of the main french speaking countries when Eurovision was born way back in 1956.
Its clear to us many eurovision fans remember and adore Luxembourg’s entries from the past. So they want to see Luxembourg RTL back again.

Most certainly small countries have shown evidence of struggling to keep going in the Eurovision today. Mainly due to the low budgets and then there is always that big staging that seems to be more essential to success in ESC today.

We have good news for Luxembourg, and what EBU can do to help Luxembourg and other countries wanting to come back in Stockholm 2016.
We have the perfect solution, as its no secret EBU are keen to help out and include the mini state countries like Monaco San Marino. They are looking at making an exception for small countries with below a certain population they will now be able to have a joint Eurovision entry.
Doing this will advantage Luxembourg in the following ways:

(a) This will make those high costs half for a small country like Luxembourg.
(b) Euro-club parties can be shared as well by this duel entry policy.
(c) If Luxembourg and their partner country win ESC then they will have bids from both small countries to decide the following years host town or city.
(d) The small duel countries will have separated voting and do not have to share countries scoreboard votes at all.

Luxembourg is one of the historical Eurovision classics with a past 5 Eurovision winners as well as a back to back wins that is rare in today’s Eurovision back in 1972 and 1973.
Since 1956 through until 1993 -Luxembourg rarely missed ESC. In fact before Ireland’s Avalanche of winners in and during the 90s Luvembourg & France were the most successful competitor at Eurovision. So I think it’s important that they more than anyone else continue this tradition. Also we need a ole country to give the swedes a run for their money. (as the saying goes)

We hope this proposal will help bring Luxembourg and another small country back to Eurovision in 2016.

Summary Luxembourg 5 Winners 1961- 1983:

Jean-Claude Pascal – “Nous les amoureux”
France Gall – “Poupée de cire, poupée de son”
Vicky Leandros – “Après toi”
Anne-Marie David – “Tu te reconnaîtras”
Corinne Hermès – “Si la vie est cadeau”