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Albania: Listen to Kastriot Tusha & Dorina Plaku – ‘Nostalgji’

Kastriot Tusha & Dorina Plaku {copright: ArkivaShqip}
Kastriot Tusha & Dorina Plaku {copright: DArt Com/ArkivaShqip}

A charming new release in Albania is Nostalgji (Nostalgia) by Kastriot Tusha & Dorina Plaku. Kastriot is a famous tenor vocalist in Albania and Dorina is a versatile and super talented singer, who has released several singles and videos, and competed in the Festivali i Këngës in 2009, also several times at Top Fest. She was also on the stage as part of the Albanian team in Moscow in 2009 with Kejsi Tola.

Nostalgji showcases the vocal talents of both Kastriot and Dorina and the song is performed with lots of emotion. The video is well produced by DArt Com and is released on You Tube through ArkivaShqip.

You can see the official video for Nostalgji below.

Source:  DArt Com; ArkivaShqip; ESC Covers

Olta Boka releases new song and video – ‘Rri edhe pak’

Olta Boka {copyright: Foxes Film/Arkiva}
Olta Boka {copyright: Foxes Film/Arkiva}

Olta Boka has returned with a brand new single and video for the summer of 2016 entitled Rri edhe pak (Stay a bit more). Olta is seen riding a motorbike through the country and then racing against a guy in a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Rri edhe pak has a very strong production a suits Olta’s silky and clear vocals. The song is perfect for the summer. It is composed by Irkenc Hyka and Olti Curri.

Olta represented Albania at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contes with her song Zemrën e lamë peng.

You can see the video for Rri edhe pak below.

Source: ArkivaShqip; ESC Covers

Watch Mishela Rapo perform ‘I Will Survive’

Mishela Rapo {at Universitetin Epoka 2016 ceremony}
Mishela Rapo {at Universitetin Epoka 2016 ceremony}

Mishela Rapo was a popular contestant at the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest where she represented Albania with her song Dambaje. She finished in very respectable fifth place.

Mishela has just performed the classic song I Will Survive (originally recorded by Gloria Gaynor) at a Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2016 at Universitetin Epoka in Albania. She gave a confident performance on the stage and her vocals were very strong. I am sure we will see a lot more of Mishela in the future.

Mishela also recently performed on stage together with last year’s JESC winner, Destiny Chukunyere from Malta, at the Festivali 54 i Femijeve interval. It was the festival to decide this year’s song for Albania at Junior Eurovision.

Source: facebook.com/mishela.rapo; ESC Covers


The OGAE Second Chance Contest 2016 kicked off on 1st of June and members of OGAE Rest of the World can still vote! We are now at the halftime – the deadline for send your vote is 30/06/2016 midnight CET.
To vote, you have to rate all the entries, giving them a point between 0 and 5, except the song No. 9 which represents Rest of the World (and of course, Hungary), so if you rate it, it doesn’t count…
We ask you to send your votes to escvotes@gmail.com until the deadline. If you vote, you’ll earn 10 points for 2017 Ticket List.
Here’s the playlist of this year’s 23 competitors:
The details of the songs:
01 Belgium I’m not lost Tom Frantzis
02 Belarus My universe NAPOLI
03 Ukraine Helpless The Hardkiss
04 Albania Liroje Zemrën Besa Krasniqi
05 Malta Golden Brooke
06 UK Shine a little light Bianca
07 Lithuania Leading me home Erica Jennings
08 Italy Cieli immensi Patty Pravo
09 Rest Of the World (Hungary) Who we are Kállay Saunders Band
10 Sweden Save me Wiktoria
11 Denmark Never Alone Anja Nissen
12 Austria I’ll be around Elly V
13 Latvia We will be stars MyRadiantU
14 Switzerland Half a smile Vincent Gross
15 Norway Laika The Hungry Hearts
16 Slovenia Črno bel Raiven
17 Estonia Supersonic Laura
18 Finland On it goes Mikael Saari
19 Israel Somebody out there Ella Daniel
20 Romania Behind the shadows Florena
21 Poland Cool me down Margaret
22 Germany Mystery of a blood red rose Avantasia
23 Spain La vida sólo es una María Isabel


18 – Switzerland = 28 points
17 – Denmark = 34 points
16 – Albania = 45 points
15 – Ireland = 46 points
14 – Slovenia = 57 points
13 – Norway = 63 points
12 – Belarus = 84 points
11 – FYR Macedonia = 88 points
10 – Serbia = 105 points
09 – Georgia = 123 points
08 – Latvia = 132 points
07 – Israel = 147 points
06 – Poland = 151 points
05 – Bulgaria = 220 points
04 – Lithuania = 222 points
03 – Belgium = 274 points
02 – Ukraine = 287 points
01 – Australia = 330 points

Eneda Tarifa to sing ‘Fairytale’ for Albania at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

Eneda Tarifa {copyright: Avni Selmani}
Eneda Tarifa {copyright: Avni Selmani/Eurovision.tv}

Eneda Tarifa won the Festivali i Këngës  back in December 2015 with Përrallë. Now for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest Eneda will sing in English and the title of the song is Fairytale. It is composed by Olsa Toqi.

You can see the official video for Fairytale below.

Source: www.eurovision.tv


Onanta Spahiu performs at MISS & MISTER PAVARESIA 2016 in Albania

Onanta Spahiu & Kejdi Spahiu {copyright: Shpejtim Zeneli/Facebook}
Onanta Spahiu & Kejdi Spahiu {copyright: Shpejtim Zeneli/Facebook}

Onanta Spahiu recently was a special guest at the Miss & Mister Pavaresia 2016 beauty competition in Albania. There she performed her top rated single Touch Me. A song that is perfect for the summer beaches and clubs.

The beauty contest proved there is even more talent in the Spahiu family where Onanta’s sister, Kejdi, took the Miss Freedom of Albania 2016 title.

Onanta has participated in the Albanian Festivali i Këngës competition for Eurovision in 2009 and 2010 and has also taken part in the Top Fest contest on several occasions. We look forward to hearing more from Onanta and her music in the near future.

You can see the official video of Onanta’s Touch Me below.

Source: www.esccovers.com

Orgesa Zaimi releases official video for ‘Një shishe në oqean’

Orgesa Zaimi {copyright: Agron Tufa, Diana Ziu/Vydia.com}
Orgesa Zaimi {copyright: Agron Tufa, Diana Ziu/Vydia.com}

Orgesa Zaimi participated in the recent 54th edition of Festivali i Këngës (the Eurovision national selection) in Albania. Her song was entitled Një shishe në oqean (A bottle in the ocean). Now Orgesa has released the official video to accompany her song which is beautifully produced and orchestrated and perfectly performed.

Orgesa is no stranger to the Eurovision stage. She was with the Albanian team on stage in Moscow in 2009 with Kejsi Tola and her entry, Carry Me In Your Dreams. She has also participated in many festivals including Top Fest and Kenga Magjike in Albania.

You can see the video for Një shishe në oqean below.

Source: www.orgesa.com; www.esccovers.com