Vincent Bueno releases ‘On The Run’ album

Vincent Bueno has released a brand new studio album entitled ‘On The Run’. The album features nine tracks but it does not include his 2020 Eurovision chosen song, Alive. The new album is available to stream or download from all digital stores including Amazon, Spotify and many more. You can hear the title track On […]

It’s a ‘Wonderland’ for Roxen & Alexander Rybak collaboration

Roxen & Alexander Rybak have collaborated on a new song called Wonderland. It is an upbeat and catchy track with a positive and happy vibe. I am not sure Alexander actually sings on this track but I presume he is involved in the music playing. Wonderland is available to purchase or stream via most digital […]

Stefania & Rein release ‘SWIPE’ single

Stefania & Rein have released a collaboration song called SWIPE. It is a catchy upbeat song with a new dance move even for social distance! SWIPE is composed by Dick Kok and John-Lewis Cabot. The production is by Dick Kok forLAB-3 and the mastering is by Peter Brussee of Q-Point. Stefania was chosen to represent Greece at the […]

Ulrikke releases seasonal album ‘Spend Christmas With Me’

Ulrikke has released a special album for the festive season called ‘Spend Christmas With Me’. A mixed collection of fun and festive cheer including the catchy title track. ‘Spend Christmas With Me’ is available to stream or purchase via most digital stores such as Amazon and Spotify and many more. Ulrikke was chosen to represent […]

Alicja releases new song ‘Na Pamięć’

Alicja is back with a new song and music video for the track Na Pamięć (By heart). It is a soulful and bluesy track with powerful vocals by Alicja. Na Pamięć is composed by Jakub Ochal, Alicja Szemplińska and Piotr Walicki. The production is by Piotr Walicki and the mastering by Arek Kopera. Alicja Szemplińska was selected to represent Poland […]

The Mamas give us ‘A Christmas Night To Remember’ for the festive period

The Mamas have released a festive song called A Christmas Night To Remember. It is a fun and upbeat track and sung in their soulful style to give us some light relief during these difficult times. Just what we need! A Christmas Night To Remember is available to purchase or stream from most digital stores […]

Ulrikke & Trygve Skaug release duet ‘Nyttårsnatt’

Ulrikke & Trygve Skaug have released a duet Nyttårsnatt (New Year’s Eve). It is a very quiet and gentle ballad released with plenty of time for the New Year (perhaps they want this year out of the way as much as everybody else!!). Nyttårsnatt was produced and arranged by Christian Stähler, who was amongst the composers […]

Little Big attempt to shock with their new single and video

Little Big are back with a new single and is an attempt to shock us all. The title is S*ck My D*ck 2020 and as you can imagine it is upbeat and has a totally over the top and fun music video. S*ck My D*ck 2020 is composed by Ilia Prusikin, Sonya Tayurskaya, Viktor Sibrinin, Lyubim […]

Markus Riva x Samanta Tina release Latvian and Russian versions of their new song

Markus Riva x Samanta Tina have released official music videos of their new song Man Nesanāk (I can not get it) – Latvian version and Radi nas (Work for us) – Russian version. Man Nesanāk is composed by Markus Riva and Gints Stankevičs. The Russian lyrics for Radi nas are by Igor Tatarenko. The song has a retro 80s feel with […]

Senhit and her cover of ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’

Senhit has recorded Rise Like A Phoenix in her latest project on the way to Eurovision 2021. She has recorded an inventive and unique and slightly bizarre music video with a tribute to Freddie Mercury of Queen. Rise Like A Phoenix was of course the winning Eurovision song for Austria in 2015 by Conchita Wurst. […]