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Kejsi Tola releases new single ‘U Rritem’ … and stars at 2018 Stockholm Europride

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Kejsi Tola is back in a big way for the summer of 2018. She has just released an amazing new single and beautiful video clip for U Rritem (I grew up). It has a most charming and haunting melody with some ethnic influences and a strong production.

U Rritem is composed by Flori Mumajesi and the official video clip is a Talelli Production and also produced by Threedots.

Kejsi has also just given a rousing performance at the 2018 Stockholm Pride event in Sweden where she wowed the crowd with her 2009 Albanian Eurovision anthem Carry Me In Your Dreams.

Welcome back Kejsi…we have missed you!!

You can see the official video clip of U Rritem and her performance at Stockholm Pride of Carry Me In Your Dreams below.

Source: ESC Covers; YouTube/Kejsi Tola – photos from the official video clip of U Rritem / ONIMA