Watch Martija perform ‘Vozbuda i Ljubov’ at Makfest 2019

Recently ESC Covers reported about Martija and her Makfest 2019 song Vozbuda i Ljubov (Excitement and Love). Finally we can see Martija and her sensational stage performance. Aleksandar Masevski is the composer and producer of Vozbuda i Ljubov. Martija Stanojković represented the then FYR Macedonia at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Love Will Lead The Way. […]

North Macedonia: Martija releases lyrics video for ‘Vozbuda i Ljubov’ from 2019 Makfest

Martija has released a lyrics video for her 2019 Makfest song, Vozbuda i Ljubov (Excitement and love). The song is very contemporary with a strong production and upbeat and feelgood vibe. Vozbuda i Ljubov is composed by Aleksandar Masevski (who wrote Martija’s classy song at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for FYR Macedonia, Love Will Lead […]

Klesta Qehaja wins silver medal at Wcopa Championship in USA

Klesta Qehaja has had a big success by winning the silver medal award at the Wcopa: World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, USA. She won the award in the Vocal Contemporary 11-12 category. Klesta was representing Kosovo at this special event. Klesta charmed many fans and press when she represented Albania at the […]

Sofia Fisenko releases new single ‘Kolokola’

Sofia Fisenko has released a brand new single and music video for the song Kolokola (Bells). Kolokola is a pop song with some ethnic overtones and a strong production. The music video for Kolokola is beautifully filmed with Sofia spending much time in the countryside in the lake and walking through a field of delightful […]

Watch Fiamma Boccia & Edoardo Ballerini perform ‘Si dolce è’l tormento’

Fiamma Boccia & Edoardo Ballerini performed Si dolce è’l tormento (It’s sweet is the torment) at a special event in Salone dei Cinquecento, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. It was memory of the Via dei Georgofili massacre.  Si dolce è’l tormento is the classical piece by Claudio Monteverdi. Fiamma was the talented singer who represented Italy at the 2016 Junior […]

Georgia: What is Mariam Mamadashvili up to these days?

Mariam Mamadashvili charmed a lot of people when she won the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Georgia with the beautiful song, Mzeo. Her powerful and crystal clear vocals won the hearts of the judges and public in Malta and around the world. So, what is Mariam up to these days? Well she is currently […]

Martija releases another quality hit ‘Get Crazy’

Martija is back with another sure fire catchy hit entitled Get Crazy. It is an upbeat and radio friendly dance song with a strong production with great vocals. Get Crazy is composed by Jeff Gueritey, Josh Glazer , Alyjah Jade and Earl Cohen. It produced and mixed  by Earl Cohen for E C Productions and […]

Martija releases new track ‘That’s The Way I Like It’

Martija is back with another cool and radio friendly track entitled That’s The Way I Like It. The song is edgy and upbeat with a strong production and bass line. That’s The Way I Like It is composed by Jeff Gueritey, Josh Glazer, Alyjah Jade and Earl Cohen. It is produced and mixed by Earl Cohen for […]

Martija returns with upbeat song ‘Za site nas’

Martija is back with a brand new song and video clip for Za site nas (For all of us). It is an upbeat song with a fun and feel good vibe. Za site nas is composed by Marko Marinkovic-Slatkaristika and Ivan Jovanov-Iwayo. The video looks a whole of fun for Martija and her friends and is […]

Martija Stanojković releases a beautiful photoshoot by Melem Production

Martija Stanojković recently made a lovely photoshoot that showcases her charm and beauty. The photoshoot was by Kristijan Teodorov for Melem Production. Martija represented FYR Macedonia the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her mature and radio friendly anthem Love Will Lead Our Way. She also released a great new single and music video for the contemporary and […]