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Sara Dall’Olio releases beautiful new single ‘Stringimi cosi’


Sara Dall’Olio has released a beautiful new ballad entitled Stringimi cosi (Hold me like this). The song has a lovely melody and charming arrangement and Sara’s smooth and crystal clear vocals suit the track perfectly.

Stringimi cosi is a song about the fear of losing a love and sometimes all you need is a simple hug to make you smile and feel better inside. The composer of the song is Marco Giorgi, who also made the arrangement. The mix and mastering is courtesy of Andrea Spadaro. Thanks also the Luca Ricchi for the playing of the guitar.

You can purchase or stream Stringimi cosi from most digital stores such as Amazon and Spotify.

Sara is from Italy and has had much success in music festivals around the world and she has won many titles. She was also a member of The Peppermints who represented San Marino at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Breaking My Heart.

You can hear Stringimi cosi below.

Source: ESC Covers

Watch: Aelin and her cover of ‘Dreamer’ (2014 Russia Junior Eurovision)


Aelin has covered the beautiful song Dreamer by Alisa Kozhikina. It was the song that Alisa represented Russia with at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Aelin has also been covering some other music including Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, Bound To You by Christina Aguilera and Writing’s On The Wall by Sam Smith. Check out the official YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwqv0AOME8ZAgoA5qvjvc5A

You can see a music video for Dreamer by Aelin below.

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Alisa Kozhikina releases new song ‘Grusti obo mnye’

Alisa Kozikhina @AURUMfilm Film Company
Alisa Kozhikina @AURUMfilm Film Company

Alisa Kozhikina has released a new song titled Grusti obo mnye (Grieve for me sometimes). It is a dramatic pop ballad sung with emotion by Alisa.

The music video for Grusti obo mnye is also a powerful drama showing a motorbike accident by the boyfriend and if the love the couple had can ever be recaptured.

Alisa is continuing to blossom as a talented singer. She represented Russia at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the beautiful Dreamer ballad.

You can see the video clip for Grusti obo mnye below.

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Federica Falzon gives superb performance at MPO Opening Notes Concert in Malta

Federica Falzon @facebook.com/Federica.Falzon.Official
Federica Falzon @facebook.com/Federica.Falzon.Official

Federica Falzon gave a superb and confident performance with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra at the MPO Opening Notes Concert.

Federica performed the classic Con Te Partiro by Andrea Bocelli. She sang with emotion and charm and impressed many with her performance and was backed magnificently by the MPO musicians.

Federica would like to express her special thanks to Conductor Michelle Castelletti and the musicians of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, the Valletta Cultural Agency, Mro Sigmund Mifsud, Culture Minister (the Hon) Dr Owen Bonnici and her mentor Soprano Gilian Zammit.

It was in 2014 that Federica represented Malta at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Diamonds. She has continued to blossom in to an accomplished operatic and pop singer.

You can see Federica perform Con Te Partiro at the following link –

Federica Falzon with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra
Federica Falzon with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra


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Krisia returns with ‘Vitamin’ single and video

Krisia from the music video of 'Vitamin'
Krisia from the music video of ‘Vitamin’

Krisia has released a brand new single entitled Vitamin. It is a cool summer inspired fun song.

Krisia has appeared to change a lot in recent years. She is maturing in to a great singer and charming looking girl.

Vitamin is composed by Krisia Todorova and the text is by Evangeline.  The arrangement is by Svetlin Kŭslev and the director is Bashmotion.

Krisia, Hasan & Ibrahim represented Bulgaria at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Planet Of The Children and took the silver medal second position.

Vitamin will soon be available to stream or purchase via most digital platforms.

You can see the official video for Vitamin below.

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Betty features in new ‘Euphoria’ tv series by HBO

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It has been a little while since we heard about Betty. But now she is back and returns to the media spotlight by featuring in a new HBO (USA premium television network) teen tv drama, ‘Euphoria’.

‘Euphoria’ is an eight episode tv show that features stars such as Zendaya (singer and Hollywood/Disney actress who featured in movies such as Spiderman: Far From Home and The Greatest Showman), Jacob Elordi (The Kissing Booth) and many other rising Hollywood stars. The first episode began on 16 June and the series is receiving positive reviews by the public and critics.

‘Euphoria’ follows the lives of high school students and how they cope with the realities of life as they deal and cope with issues such as love and drug and sex and violence.

Betty features in two of the episodes so far. She says ”This is another achievement towards the big goals I have set for myself! It’s exciting to be able to enter the closed doors of the American media industry. And working with such great actors and professional staff is a great experience for me”.

Betty (Elizabeth Danielyan) represented Armenia at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with People Of The Sun and finished in the silver medal position. She is now living and studying in the USA.

You can see trailer for the ‘Euphoria’ tv show below but let us remind everyone of the upbeat People Of The Sun by Betty below.

Source: ESC Covers; HBO

Sara Dall’Olio achieves more success at 2019 Malta International Singer’s Festival

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Sara Dall’Olio has achieved more big success at a song contest. She has just participated at the 2019 Malta International Singer’s Festival.

Sara won the second prize classification in, representing Italy, in the 18 years and over solo singer category and she third prize classification in the duet contest with fellow Italian, Aurora Manuela Bandinelli Rigobello.

Sara was also invited as a special guest on the Kalamita tv show on One tv in Malta. She was interviewed and she performed the song Adagio, by Lara Fabian, with Carlo Bugeja.

Sara was a member of The Peppermints, who represented San Marino at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

You can see Sara perform Adagio on One tv below.

Source: ESC Covers; Photos@Malta International Singer’s Festival

Sara Dall’Olio to represent Italy again at Malta International Singer’s Festival … and in a big World Final in New York!!

Sara Dall'Olio
Sara Dall’Olio

Sara Dall’Olio has had much success at international music festivals. She has won six overall Grand Prix prizes in Bucharest (Romania), Petrich (Bulgaria), Velingrad (Bulgaria) , Belgrade (Serbia), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Ohrid-Bitola (North Macedonia). She has represented Italy at 13 singing competitions and has achieved very impressive results.

Sara will participate at the 2019 Malta International Singer’s Festival – Euro Stars between 24-29 April. This will be the fourth time she has represented Italy at the festival organised by Martin Degabriele. Sara will perform as a solo singer and also she will duet with Aurora Manuela Bandinelli Rigobello.

Even more exciting news for Sara is that she will represent Italy in a big World Final festival in New York in the autumn. Her voice is sure to captivate the USA audiences!

As well as having great success with her singing Sara continues to be a model student, where she will receive her scholarship for the university for scholastic merit. She achieved the high school diploma with the highest marks. Congratulations to Sara and ESC Covers wishes her lots of success and good luck with her latest adventures.

Sara was part of The Peppermints, who represented San Marino at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta.

You can follow Sara her official page on facebook – Sara Dall’Olio fan club and also on Instagram and YouTube.

You can see Sara’s special recorded messages about the festivals including with her friend, Aurora here https://www.facebook.com/111895792223423/videos/2143186275759132/?t=8 and https://www.facebook.com/AuroraBandinelliRigobelloOfficialPage/videos/378820566300032/?t=2

Check out Sara singing Listen below by Beyoncé below at the Euro Pop Contest in Berlin, Germany.

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Federica Falzon shines in Gensna concert in Malta


Federica Falzon performed at the prestigious rock opera concert Gensna (Our nation) commemorating Freedom Day in Malta. Several acts known to Eurovision fans took part at the festival including Olivia Lewis, Paul Giordimaina, Renato and Lawrence Gray.

The Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre (MFCC) was full for the two days event where several acts performed and Federica, who was the youngest act, impressed with her powerful and clear vocals.

Federica performed a duet at the concert with 2019 X Factor finalist, Norbert Bondin. Together they performed Inhobbok (I love you).

Federica represented Malta at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the charming Diamonds.

You can see Federica and Norbert perform their duet below.

Source: ESC Covers