Iru Khechanova performs Chinese song ‘Túrán hǎo xiǎng nǐ’

Iru Khechanova performed a charming ballad in the Chinese language entitled Túrán hǎo xiǎng nǐ (Suddenly I miss you). Iru performed the song for the Georgia multi media channel 4U. Iru was a member of Candy, who won the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Georgia in 2011 with Candy Music. She has since blossomed in to […]

‘Bari Peri’ song by Dalita released from ‘Yes sirum em qez’ movie soundtrack

The song Bari Peri (Fairy Godmother) by Dalita has been released from the forthcoming ‘Yes sirum em qez’ (I love you) movie original soundtrack. Bari Peri is an elegant ballad with charming orchestration sung beautifully by Dalita. The song is composed by Armen Virabyan, Gayane Danielyan and David Javadyan. Dalita represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior […]

Dalita wins Best Young Singer prize at the Armenia Artsakh Diaspora awards …and she does Festive Holiday photoshoot

Dalita has recently won the Best Young Singer prize at the Armenia Artsakh Diaspora awards. She has been a busy girl with many singing performances and tv presenting work as well as maintaining her important studies at university. Dalita will also be on the important New Year celebration show on Armenia tv. ESC Covers will bring […]

Paulina Skrabytė releases new single called ‘Apie tave’

Paulina Skrabytė has released a brand new single entitled Apie tave (About you). It is a positive and upbeat dance song with a strong production. There is also a cool video clip for the track where Paulina is walking and singing with headphones through the city and forest. Apie tave is composed by Paulina Skrabytė (herself) […]

Unique cover version of ‘Heroes’ released by Dalita & Sergey Sysuev

ESC Covers is proud to be involved with a brand new cover version of Heroes (the winning song of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest by Måns Zelmerlöw for Sweden). This is a hot and unique duet version by Dalita & Sergey Sysuev. Dalita sings the first verse in the Armenian language and Sysuev performs the second […]

Armenia: Watch again Dalita perform her song ‘Keep Calm and Just Dance’

ESC Covers reported in November 2017 that Dalita performed at the good luck and farewell show at the new RIO mall in Yerevan, Armenia, for Misha to go to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She performed Keep Calm and Just Dance. Let us look at another performance of Dalita performing this upbeat and catchy song. […]

Gallery: Dalita’s beautiful new photoshoot for Fashion 21

Dalita is the beautiful and talented singer, model, actress and tv personality from Armenia. She has just done a beautiful photoshoot in association with Fashion 21 tv show. You can see some of the amazing photos here. Dalita represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest Listen out soon for an exciting collaboration by […]

Katya Ryabova releases brand new single ‘Hurricane’

Katya Ryabova returns with a brand new single entitled Hurricane. It is a powerful pop ballad song with a strong production. It is composed by Johan Jämtberg and Mikael Gunnerås (who wrote the 2012 Malta Eurovision song for Kurt Calleja). The song is released via Always Music. Katya represented Russia twice at the Junior Eurovision […]

Mariam Mamadishvili & Gvantsa Saneblidze give surprise performance for ESC Covers

The winner of the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Mariam Mamadishvili, and Gvantsa Saneblidze (of Group Candy 2011 JESC winner) met with ESC Covers here in Tbilisi and gave us a little rendition of each other’s winning songs for Georgia. Mariam sang a little bit of Candy Music and Gvantsa treated us to Mzeo. You […]

Listen to some music highlights from Children of Orchestra tv show featuring Dalita

ESC Covers recently told you about the new tv project by the charming Armenian singer, Dalita. The show is called Children of Orchestra. It is a musical sitcom for teenagers and children. The show is a production by ArmStars and Ucom. You can see some video highlights of the show below. Dalita represented Armenia at the […]