Mista releases brand new single ‘Prežijem s láskou’

Mista returns with a brand new single entitled Prežijem s láskou (I will live with love). It is a mid-tempo pop song with lyrics that mean a lot to Mista “This song is my personal testimonial. I wrote it about a man who will realise what is really important only when he comes to the end […]

Mista releases Kam ísť for summer of 2017

Mista has released a brand new single entitled in the Czech language Kam ísť (Where to go). It is a mellow acoustic sounding track with a nice melody that is perfect for those lazy summer days. It is a follow up to the successful Sme Tu Len Raz. Kam ísť  is composed Stano Šimor, Mista and Vlado […]

Mista releases brand new song – ‘Sme Tu Len Raz’

Mista is back with a brand new song for the spring of 2017. It is entitled Sme Tu Len Raz (We are here only once). It is a hypnotic pop/rock song sung in Czech with a nice rhythm and melodic guitar instrumental breaks. The music and lyrics are by Mista, Stano Šimor and Vlado Krausz. The band […]

Mista returns with ‘Take Me Home’ featuring Henry Toth

Mista is back with an emotional rock/pop ballad entitled Take Me Home. It marks a slight change of direction on this new emotive song that expresses strong feelings and experiences. Take Me Home is composed by T.Parson, Stano Simor, MAVOOI, Stefaan Fernande and Mista. Take Me Home is the second single from the forthcoming EP Back 2 […]

Mista returns with ‘Catwalk Fever’

The Slovakian singer, Mista, has returned with her brand new single entitled Catwalk Fever. After many hits such as Rock It, Ca$h Out, Show Me and Go Wild and touring places including China, the former Slovak Eurovision 2010 national selection runner up, took a well earned break. Now Mista is back with the upbeat and strong production of […]