JO releases new music video for ‘126’

JO has released a brand new single and music video for the song 126. It is a beautiful and radio friendly track with a summer feelgood vibe. 126 is composed by Alina Manolach and Costi. The arrangement is by Silviu D. The track is available to purchase or stream via most digital stores. In 2009 JO […]

Liza Kenia releases cool new dance track ‘Momenatrebi’

Liza Kenia has released a new pop dance track entitled Momenatrebi. It has a cool dance style and feelgood vibe. Momenatrebi is composed by Kakhaber Tsiskaridze. The production is courtesy of Dzvali. Liza is a much respected singer, tv presenter and model. She has come a long way since representing Georgia at the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest as […]

Liza Kenia releases beautiful song ‘Me isev moval shentan’

Liza Kenia has released a beautiful version of the song Me isev moval shentan (I’ll come back to you). The song has a charming melody and this version has a great production with Liza and her delightful crystal clear vocals. Liza was a member of The Princesses that represented Georgia at the 2009 Junior Eurovision […]

Check out Luara Melody and her cover of ‘Let You Be Right’ by Meghan Trainor

Luara Melody is back with a brand new cover and beautiful video clip. The song is Let You Be Right by Meghan Trainor. It is an upbeat and feelgood song and the video clip is beautifully produced and Luara looks very charming and she is having a lot of fun. The video is directed and […]

Luara Melody returns with a new video clip of ‘Greedy’ cover

Luara Melody has returned with a hot cover version of Greedy by Ariana Grande. She has filmed a charming video clip and it has a happy and feel good vibe. The track has a strong production and Luara looks confident and delightful in the music video. Her clear and soulful vocals sound beautiful in this […]

Katya Ryabova releases brand new single ‘Hurricane’

Katya Ryabova returns with a brand new single entitled Hurricane. It is a powerful pop ballad song with a strong production. It is composed by Johan Jämtberg and Mikael Gunnerås (who wrote the 2012 Malta Eurovision song for Kurt Calleja). The song is released via Always Music. Katya represented Russia twice at the Junior Eurovision […]

Liza Kenia releases cover of ‘Pon de Replay’

Liza Kenia has released her version of the Rihanna hit Pon de Replay. She shows her versatility as an artist and surely has a big future in the entertainment world. Liza has made a charming video where she oozes confidence and beauty on the stage. She has come a long way since representing Georgia at the […]

Liza Kenia releases ‘You Are The One’ from Herokratia movie

Liza Kenia has just released the song You Are The One from the Georgian movie, Herokratia. Liza gives an amazing and very soulful performance with the musical production by Dato Porchkhidze and filming by Goga Khaindrava. Liza has the potential and talent to be a really big artist. Her performance in this clip from the […]

Georgia: Liza Kenia records music from soundtrack of ‘Herokratia’ tv show

Liza Kenia has just recorded music from the soundtrack of the tv series Herokratia. Her vocals are strong and very soulful. Liza was a member of the Princesses group that represented Georgia in the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Blue Bird (Lurji prinveli). She has certainly come a long way since then and […]

JO releases her new single and video ‘Mesajul meu’

JO has released a brand new single and official video for Mesajul meu (My message).  The song and video are on the Cat Music & Famous Production in Romania. JO is Ioana Anuța and she represented Romania at the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Ai puterea in mana ta. JO has since gone to great success in Romania […]