Magazin are back with ‘Ima Dana’ at CMC Festival in Croatia

Grupa Magazin are one of the most popular bands in the Balkans. They represented Croatia at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with Nostalgija. Now Magazin are back with a brand new song for the summer of 2016. It is titled Ima Dana (Some days). The lead vocalist for Magazin these days is Andrea Šušnjara, who is no […]

Lana set for hot summer hit with ‘Ludo Ljeto’

Lana Jurčević follows up her recent duet with Luka Nižetić with a brand new song set to be a big Balkan summer hit. It is entitled Ludo Ljeto (Crazy summer). The song is an upbeat feelgood summer song with a beautifully shot video to accompany. Lana will also participate in the CMC Music Festival in […]

Lana & Luka release new single – Od najgorih najbolji

Two former participants at the Croatian Dora festival have released a duet together. Lana Jurčević and Luka Nižetić have released  Od najgorih najbolji (From the best of the worst). Lana is a very popular singer in Croatia and the Balkans and has had many hits. She participated in the Dora selection in 2004 with her song Prava istina. Luka […]