Sweden: Check out Nikolas Chernigovski …and also his talented sisters

Nikolas - Too Close

Nikolas – Too Close

Nikolas Chernigovski is part of a talented musical family in Sweden. He has just released a new song via Spotify entitled Too Close. He is 12 years old and has also had much success in talent contests such as Ronnebytalang, Karnebåttalangen 2018, RyttartorpetTalang 2018, the Supershow 2015 as and he has also appeared on Swedish television shows. You can follow Nikolas on his official Instagram: thenikolasmusic.

Nikolas often performs with his older sister Elina Andriyevska. She is a talented singer and also has had success in talent shows and contests and appeared on Swedish tv. You can see her having fun and performing on the beach in Gran Canaria, Spain below. Elina’s Instagram is: Elinaass



There is also another talented sister. Yana Andriyevska is a model and also a violin player. Yana’s Instagram is: yyanaa_a. You can see a little example of Yana playing the violin also on the beach in Gran Canaria, Spain below. She has also had success playing in concerts and shows. Yana also appeared in a music video of Eric Saade (ESC 2011 Sweden).



Maybe one day in the near future we might see Nikolas, Elena and Yana all together on the Melodifestival stage!!


Source: ESC Covers





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