Eurovision South Africa and ESCCovers made it possible that an Afrikaans cover of Breathlessly was recorded by JOLANDA BECKER and sent to Germany in time to play to Claudia Faniello during the Berlin weekend.

We got a report today from Germany by Manfred , the producer of the original Eurovision entry of Malta and owner of CAP records.

I am back home after a fantastic Berlin weekend and they did the surprise yesterday at the Sunday Club Brunch during the Interview talk and it was perfect. Claudia really loved the Afrikaans version of her song Brearthlessly and was really touched and close to tears..

JP from Radio International recorded a video and will send it to Manfred who in turn will make it available to ESCCOvers and JP will play the song too in one of his next radio shows.

The Afrikaans cover is called ASEMLOOS (so the same title as the original). The song will be available to buy on Itunes and we will soon make a link available.

Here is the cover of the Afrikaans version



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