Sophy Ivy album C.F released.

This weekend saw the release of Sophia Ivanko’s first album C.F. on all major digital streaming services.


The 7 track debut features 6 self penned songs (with 2 versions of The spirit of music)

1: Crazy Friend
2: Eyes
3: Alice
4: Vampire
5: Whisper
6: The spirit of music (Remix)
7: The spirit of music – Eurovision edition

Sophia’s circus master outfit on the cover hints at the tone of the album which takes the listener on a journey through a (sometimes) dark circus carnival of songs.

Think Junior Eurovision meets Tim Burton meets Alice in Wonderland and you will get a sense of Sophia’s unique, mature sound.

Available now on all major streaming platforms:


  1. Roy van der Merwe says:

    Very nice CD

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