Artist Announcement by Sydney Asiapacettefriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“G’day everyfriend! I’m Sydney, but my Eurovision Land friends and family call me Syd and I love that nickname! My koala pet and I love to share Asian culture to each of the Eurofriends… Like singing k-pop and j-pop music, dancing to those Bollywood movie dances (those songs makes me move my feet) and watching anime with my friends (specially the long running ones including the one with the ninjas with lots of adventure, or that with the pirates who have powers that are looking for a treasure at the end of the Song Contest starring all veteran (and favourite) Japanese voice actors). And currently, I’m embracing the Eurovision culture, like dancing to the tune of a Nordic schlager, Balkan ballads and ethnic Greek music! My favourite part is when they say 12 points and i’m loving those words.

My country already found a place in everyfriend’s hearts across the Song Contest since my debut and that makes me happy. Last year, Dami Im gave best result yet… And I’m esc-cited to see my 3rd Eurostar. Maybe, the song will be a top hit that will make sure that will bring the 1st Aussie Esc victory! And I know that each of my friends that are in a Eurovision Event has to do something heroic for their country they represent! And that’s also true for me. Just like my favourite heroes(from my fave anime heroes, my eurostars Guy and Dami. And even my 2 big brothers London and Dublin Eurofriend)!”- By Sydney Asiapacettefriend

Australia Song announcement 07:30 CET / 17:30 AUS
Official Link:
Australia Page at ESCKAZ:


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