Artist thoughts by Paris Eurettefriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo)

“Bonjour, mes Eurofans! This is Paris Eurettefriend Calling!
What a coincidence that Berlin Eurofriend and i are happy to see our Eurostars on that lovely same day! After returning to the top 10 last year thanks to Amir (Mercí Beacoup!), i’m very happy to see Alma as my Eurostar! Adorbs, indeed! By the song contest: her CD debut will be released a week before she sings in Eurovision!

She’s the eldest sister, just like me because i love my talented and blessed siblings with all my heartflag (Even my Little sisters Madrid and Andorra Eurettefriend likes my Eurostars)! She’s an singer emerging on digital platform. And her music has a lot of universal meaning! I can’t wait to hear the Eurovision version of her song “Requiem” in Kyiv and you guys are going to “Adore” it! – By Paris Eurettefriend

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