Sofia Fisenko releases new single ‘Kolokola’

Sofia Fisenko from the music video of 'Kolokola'

Sofia Fisenko from the music video of ‘Kolokola’

Sofia Fisenko has released a brand new single and music video for the song Kolokola (Bells).

Kolokola is a pop song with some ethnic overtones and a strong production.

The music video for Kolokola is beautifully filmed with Sofia spending much time in the countryside in the lake and walking through a field of delightful flowers.

Sofia was a member of the Water Of Life Project that represented Russia at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta with Water Of Life.

You can see the video clip for Kolokola below.

Source: ESC Covers; YouTube/Sofia Fisenko


  1. what a title for a song

  2. Sofia Fisenko is an amazingly gifted Singer and Artist, as well as a remarkably intelligent and beautiful Person! I have been a fan of her for quite some times, and I am so happy to see her artistic career going on in such a great way!… Congratulations, Sofia!

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