Sergey Lazarev & Dima Bilan team up for ‘Prosti menya’ duet single

Sergey Lazarev & Dima BIlan - 'Prosti menya'

Sergey Lazarev & Dima BIlan – ‘Prosti menya’

Two of the most popular Russian Eurovision stars, Sergey Lazarev & Dima Bilan have teamed up to release Prosti menya (Forgive me). It is a powerful pop/rock ballad that grows on you with each listen. Dima and Sergey premiered the song at a special concert show on Muz tv in Russia last week.

Sergey represented Russia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with You Are The Only One and finished in third place and Dima represented his country twice first in 2006 with Never Let You Go and of course he won the contest in 2008 with Believe.

Prosti menya is available to purchase or stream through most digital platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. It will be interesting to see if an English language version is released in the future and official music video.

You can see Sergey and Dima perform Prosti menya on Muz tv below.

Source: youtube/sergey lazarev; ESC Covers


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