19 songs were performed last night in semi final 1 – only 10 could go through to the final

Song 1 – X MY HEART from Azerbaijan    FAILED TO QUALIFY – Big surprise for me. Disappointed it did not make it.

Song 2 – OUR CHOICE from Iceland    FAILED TO QUALIFY – Sang with a lot of emotion. But the vocals were at time weak.

Song 3 – MALL from Albania   QUALIFIED – Strong performance. Deserved to qualify.

Song 4 – A MATTER OF TIME from Belgium   FAILED TO QUALIFY – Disappointing performance. Vocals were weak.

Song 5 – LIE TO ME from Czech republic   QUALIFIED – Strong stage performance.

Song 6 – WHEN WE’RE OLD from Lithuania   QUALIFIED – The song is a little boring but it was sung with a lot of emotion and very well.

Song 7 – TOY from Israel   QUALIFIED – One of the big favourites. All sorts of fun happening on stage. Deserved to make it.

Song 8 – FOREVER from Belarus   FAILED TO QUALIFY – Very poor performance and the staging with the roses did not work.

Song 9 – LA FORZA from Estonia   QUALIFIED – Very powerful vocals and visually stunning.

Song 10 – BONES from Bulgaria   QUALIFIED – Contemporary and strong performance.

Song 11 – LOST AND FOUND from F Y R Macedonia   FAILED TO QUALIFY – Disappointing live performance and the styling and staging were very poor.

Song 12 – CRAZY from Croatia   FAILED TO QUALIFY – Strong performance but the song was too weak.

Song 13 – NOBODY BUT YOU from Austria   QUALIFIED  – Positive stage performance and good vocals.

Song 14 – ONIRO MOU from Greece    FAILED TO QUALIFY – Maybe this was a little too ethnic for a lot of people. But I kind of liked it.

Song 15 – MONTERS from Finland    QUALIFIED – Outstanding vocals and magnificent staging. Very much deserved to qualify.

Song 16 – QAMI from Armenia    FAILED TO QUALIFY – Not strong enough.

Song 17 – STONES from Switzerland    FAILED TO QUALIFY – The staging and styling were perfect. Great performance. Shame it did not qualify.

Song 18 – TOGETHER from Ireland    QUALIFIED – For me vocals were poor. Did not deserve to make it.

Song 19 – FUEGO from Cyprus    QUALIFIED – Powerful and exciting stage performance. A big hit.



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