Now we do a follow up article on the videos who have been entered to select the artist for San Marino to represent them at the 2018 Eurovision song contest in Lisbon, Yesterday we looked at the videos who got the most views. Now we look at those who have the most likes.

Likes are important as any video who gets 100 or more likes will be seen by the judges. Of the 314 videos we checked 65 of them have 100 to 499 likes. 24 more videos exceed 500 likes.

The top 10 are
10th – Raylan Arbiza – Spain 863 likes
9th – David Vardanov – Armenia 1217 likes
8th – Ivan Martin – Spain 1254 likes
7th – Dionisis Kostis – Greece 1520 likes
6th – Tashia Odi – Belgium 2567 likes
5th – Hlary Smile – Italy 2621 likes
4th – Sarah Nanret – Ireland 2696 likes
3rd – Justin Utley – USA 3432 likes
2nd – Sefya Angel Barokko – no country mentioned 4279 likes
1st – Marco Antonio Gaitano – Spain 6077 likes.

Pierre who has first in the viewing list with 21 000 views does not feature even in the top 100 according to likes.

Marco who has he most likes, was only 10th in the viewing list

Of course this can change dramatically as we move towards the cut off.


  1. Roy van der Merwe says:

    Interesting is that someone called TASHA ODI from Belarus got tons of likes over the weekend and now has 3378

  2. Lisa Santiago says:

    The contest is about the number of LIKES not views. Its very intersting to see the lack of correlation between them, especially the artists with more likes than views!

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