Samra releases brand new single and video clip for her song ‘Armas’

Samra from the music video of 'Armas'

Samra from the music video of ‘Armas’

Samra has returned with a brand new song entitled Armas. It has an r’n’b sexy vibe with a strong production.

Armas is actually the name of Samra in reverse. In Spanish the word ‘Armas’ means weapon. The name ‘Armas’ means to dominate, be the first, the leader and the strongest.

Armas is composed by Clavis and the mix and mastering is by Drek.

The video clip, like the song,  is edgy and funky and has a sexy overtone.

Samra represented Azerbaijan at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with Miracle.

You can see the music video for Armas below.

Source: ESC Covers

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