Samira releases ‘Do It’ music video

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Samira is a brand new artist to check out. She has released an original soulful song entitled Do It. The video clip was filmed in Albania and has now been released courtesy of DArt Channel.

The lyrics for Do It are by Samira herself and they have an emotional and special message to convey. The music is by the respected producer and musician, Joniad Banush.

ESC Covers were privileged to witness the making of the Do It video with the video production group of DArt Channel. Congratulations to the whole team for the special work involved to make the top quality video including Dorina, Ervisa, the camera/video guys and the make up team of Renada and Fati.

Samira is from Kosovo and is also based in Germany. She certainly is a promising young artist who has a big future.

You can see the music video of Do It below.

Source: ESC Covers; DArt Channel – Photos@ESC Covers

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