Sabina Chantouria releases new song and video…and will compete in national selection in Georgia

Sabina Chantouria {copyright: Py Pai}

Sabina Chantouria {copyright: Py Pai}

Sabina Chantouria will be participating in the Georgian Eurovision selection with her song Stranger. Sweden Songs are the publishers for the song and also for her latest release entitled Cry For Me.

Sabina is a Georgian/Swedish singer and songwriter. Cry For Me is produced by Kevin Jarvis from the USA, who has worked with artists such as Iggy Pop, Elvis Costello and Ben Vaughn.

You can see the video for Cry For Me below and listen to her Eurovision submission, Stranger.

Source: Sweden Songs; ESC Covers


  1. Roy van der Merwe says:

    In the Georgian selection, she will sing the song STRANGER which she also has composed

  2. Roy van der Merwe says:

    I have now listened to STRANGER and it is a very good song

  3. Roy van der Merwe says:

    In 1983 Carola sang FRAMLING (which is the Swedish for stranger), so hopefully this STRANGER will also not be a stranger to the Eurovision scene

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