Vienna Impressions

Annette Molesworth and Sandy Allen-Wetzler

Well look who has been letting their hair down in Vienna. On Thursday night, Sandy Allen-Wetzler and Annette Molesworth from Australia along with Christina Jacobsson of the Swedish club, attended the opening night of the 2nd Boylesque Festival. Sandy made such an impression that she was invited up on stage by The World Famous Bob, to shake her booty along with some of the cast. Sandy was later described as “a natural”. Go Sandy!

Sandy on Stage 1

Jason-Scott Watkins and Andrew Bayley

Our Expedition to Europe began with four days in Amsterdam before taking the Train to Vienna via Munich. Having attended a Eurovision once before (2006) it is nice to come into a host City and see signs of Eurovision. In Vienna’s case the first signs of Eurovision were actually advertising billboards for what I assume (from my scant knowledge of German!) is a newspaper… with each poster shouting out Douze Points to a different country. Maybe they don’t quite know how this voting system works!!

Staying only a few blocks away from Wiener Stadthalle, walking to the Stadium we saw Taxis all decked out in Eurovision logos and signage. Then the billboards dotted around the Stadium all adorned with Eurovision logos.

We have had some journeys already on the city’s Underground railway but have yet to hear Conchita Wurst’s reported announcing of the stops on the Trains’ PA System, but there is still time!

On our first evening in Vienna we attended a night tour of the City via a cruise along the Danube. As darkness fell over the City we caught the spectacular sight of a city building lit up all over with the scrolling of the colours of the Eurovision branding, logo and the slogan ‘Building Bridges’. It is always fantastic to see the host City fully embracing the colour and occasion of Eurovision. And being from Australia has brought a lot of goodwill from fellow Eurovision-ites. They seem genuinely excited to have the Australians taking part in ‘their’ contest and speak very positively of Guy Sebastian’s entry… probably as long as he doesn’t get many douze Points!

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