The Red Carpet

Well it is now officially launched – Eurovision 2015. The Red Carpet was laid out and all our various reporters were fighting their way to the front to secure the best shots so you can feel as if you are right there.

This next collection is courtesy of the hard work and excellent positioning of our member Michele Acott from Perth Australia.

Michele says, “During Eurovision 2015 I was fortunate enough attend the red carpet arrivals at Eurovision’s official opening at the Rathaus.  Although there were many people at the event, I managed to squeeze in behind a German television journalist and his photographer.  The journalist must’ve been quite high profile, because every act stopped to be interviewed by him and every time someone stopped, I was able to take a photograph or some video footage.

I was very excited to be only a metre away from the magnificent Conchita. She’s just as beautiful in real life as she is on the screen.  She was very gracious and smiled at me when I took her photograph.”

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