A Song For Vienna: The Big Picture

Well since we first reported this as you can see below, it has taken off and we now have 3 artists representing Regions of Rest of the World. There will now be 12 acts competing next Friday night for the inaugural coveted Eurovision Covers Award.

Jason-Scott Watkins We have heard a fair bit about Jason-Scott Watkins act where he will perform Molitva as he was quick off the mark and has involved a lot of members. The Video Flash Mob he created for people to play on the night in the venue as he sings is now available here.

So if you are going to be there next Friday make sure you go to this page and run the video when Jason is performing. After Eurovision he will add the vocal track and again combined with that it will be available on this site. He has also been very active around Vienna bobbing up in all sorts of places including the News site Heute where he was interviewed and this still comes from.

Jason interviewed posted on Heute

Jason being interviewed for Heute

But we have two other artists who are flying the flag for OGAE Rest of the World, and the fan club is certainly making its presence felt this year in Vienna.

Phil McNulty will be representing the region of Oceania. Phil tells me that he will be performing Gravity but assures us he cannot find a huge giant to carry him on, although I have recommended Richard Thiele. Phil also says his performance will lack Zlata Ognevich’s figure. Phil admits to feeling nervous, as I am sure all of the competitors are. Hey guys it is only in the middle of Europe when the biggest show in the world is on in town and the audience are waiting for you to step onto the EuroCafe stage. It is only one stage removed from the Stadthalle. No pressure.

As Phil says, “But to sing and to express is one of the joys of life” and all I can say is that to get a chance to do it in Vienna the day before the Eurovision Final is a wonderful opportunity to express one of the joys of life, Phil.

Phil McNulty Nearly Defying Gravity

Phil McNulty Nearly Defying Gravity

Calvin Philips will be representing the United States. He is thrilled to be involved and will be performing Romania’s entry from 2013, It’s My Life”. He will be joined on stage by Mirko Hernandez, who is joining us from Peru. We are after all, Rest of the World. Calvin tells us, The United States considers the Americas two continents, so we are building bridges between continents in the spirit of this year!

Calvin can’t wait for this wonderful opportunity to express a song that really means a lot to him and to a group of people he holds close to his heart. But there is more! Calvin will also be a backing vocalist for Jason-Scott Watkins, who is performing “Molitva”. He doesn’t want to give too much away about that performance, but does suggest you all should be getting excited. As he states it will be an honour to stand on stage with someone as talented as Jason. I can’t believe how nice these guys are to each other. So here is Calvin currently winging his way to Vienna.

Calvin Philips

Calvin Philips

A Song For Vienna

Photo submission deadline May 10th
A new competition, A Song For Vienna, is an amazing opportunity for the OGAE family to showcase the talents of its members. It was recently announced there would be a Covers Competition involving the first 8 OGAE clubs to submit a contestant for the competition to be held in Euro Fan Cafe in Vienna on Friday May 22nd. We had to be very quick off the mark and OGAE Rest of the World was the first club to secure a place. Jason-Scott Watkins will represent us in Vienna at this competition.Jason Heart

Decision making had to be quick and we had to have someone with the talent who would already have planned to be in Vienna at the time. Jason-Scott studied opera at university and has performed in cabaret and music theatre across Australia. Being given the chance to represent OGAE ROW at “Eurovision” is the stuff of dreams for any Eurovision fan.

Jason-Scott needed help quickly and luckily Jeff Neal and Adele Adelle were on hand to have a production meeting the next day after the announcement to help with the planning.work

So what details can we reveal?

Jason-Scott will be accompanied by two backing dancers.

The song will be a Serbian winner to be performed in 3 languages.

Voting will take place on the night with those attending having that opportunity. It is therefore crucial that as many OGAE ROW members who will be in Vienna support us in this competition and be in attendance at the Euro Fan Cafe on the night of May 22nd.

But There’s More

We want to involve as many OGAE ROW members and fans as possible. So we have devised a way for all members worldwide to be involved by being part of the video wall.

Members are invited to send a photo of themselves on a bridge with a heart. Deadline for submission will be May 10th. The photos will be put together into a film that people can download from this site from May17th before the night and play during the song on their devices, thus creating a video flash mob. If we can manage it we would hope to project it behind Jason-Scott on the night as well. So get shooting and forward those photos to jeff@esccovers.com.