Rest of the World fans and members are descending from the four corners of the globe, all aiming for that one central spot in Europe: Vienna. There has been a steady procession of RoW fans moving through airports in recent days and in this section of the site we aim to feature all the experiences and insights that our fans on the ground in Vienna can offer.

Keep checking back in this section over the next two weeks as we cover ‘Eurovision 2015: Vienna’ from the fans’ perspective.

Meanwhile to start the ball rolling we have ways to get you in the mood. The following eBooks are free to download. One of our members, Jeff Neal, has compiled these eBooks for the ongoing enjoyment of fans and members, so they have a record they can keep as a memento. There are two versions. One is iBook format for those with Apple devices. The other is PDF, which will suit all others. Please take note of the download size. Just click on the appropriate link and save to your device.

Eurovision 2014 Review eBookRelive all the observations, comments, opinions, experiences and views of Rest of the World fans who either attended or watched Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen. Every song covered. Two dedicated members, Richard Thiele and Andrew Pentecost posted their commentary on every song one morning at a time on the OGAE RoW Facebook page after returning from Copenhagen.

Many fans joined in and it became a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining romp through Eurovision 2014 for nearly two months. This eBook collected all the comment threads with a range of images all posted by the fans in their discussions. We are making this available once more as the excitement builds to this year's competition.
Download iBook Version (34 meg) Download PDF Version (51 meg)
Eurovision 2014 The Other Aspects eBookAs well as discussing all the various contestants and their songs there was a lot more to Eurovision 2014.

This eBook covers the discussions that took place examining all other aspects apart from the actual song performances.

There were a mass of other areas to experience and comment on. This provides a great insight into what to expect of the totality that is Eurovision. Full of images and fan comments and observations.
Download iBook Version (8 meg) Download PDF Version (6.5 meg)
Eurovision 2015 Postcards eBookThis year our fans have been hard at work producing postcards to encourage and support the entrants in the 60th Eurovision to be held in Vienna.

This eBook collects all the postcards and makes sure that there is an ongoing record of a lot of very creative and amazing work.

The postcards have been printed and they will be presented to the various artists by Richard Thiele, Andrew Pentecost and Roy van der Merwe, some of our people on the ground in Vienna.
Download iBook Version (13 meg) Download PDF Version (20 meg)