Rita Laranjeira pays tribute to 25 April Carnation Revolution in Portugal with ‘E depois do Adeus’

Rita Laranjeira

Rita Laranjeira

 Rita Larajeira has paid a musical tribute to the Carnation Revolution that took place in Portugal on 25 April 1974. She plays the song E depois do Adeus, which was the Portuguese Eurovision song by Paulo de Carvalho in 1974, and it was used as a signal to begin the Carnation Revolution against the Estado Novo regime at the time. Rita pays tribute 45 years on from the event.

Rita continues to show her versatility as a young artist. She represented Portugal at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Gosto De Tudo (Já Nāo Gosto De Nada).

You can see Rita perform E depois do Adeus below and you once again see her perform Gosto De Tudo (Já Nāo Gosto De Nada) in Minsk last November.


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