ESC COVERS google translated Morten Thomassen of Norway’s review of the rehearsal of  semi final 1 of the 2024 Eurovision song contest in Malmo, Sweden from Norwegian to English.

This is a blog entry and represents only writer Morten Thomassen’s own views.

Finally the best week for us ESC fans is here and finally we get to see what the individual artists have come up with to get you to vote for them.

A lot is done by the fact that they have a song that you yourself think is a good one, but we often see that what happens on stage can make you change your opinion and then votes can be both gained and lost.

I’m going to roll the dice, both on those who actually compete in this semi-final and the three “big ones” who will also for the first time show off their entire song to those who vote, this is a change I really like, finally everyone gets who will be performing their song in the final will be shown their entire song before the final.

Before the songs are performed, we get an amazing opening number and, as expected, the Swedes do not disappoint here, it’s just to be happy.

Melody 1 – Cyprus –

Violent opening, but you’ve probably seen this before actually in slightly better versions than this. However, plus points must be given for an adult performance by such a young artist. Has control over the vocals and probably has the right charm too, acceptable as an opening song. But, a rather colorless opening then.

Melody 2 – Serbia –

Beautiful and pleasantly performed ballad of the Balkan type, which we probably always get at least one of each year. I think that the mood of the song comes across very well in the performance and good control of the vocals as well, maybe it could have been a little brighter on stage, many people are a little too happy with the dark stage image.

Melody 3 – Lithuania –

Cool rhythms, with clear 80s vibes, but for me this song gets monotonous at times and too little happens for me to be fully engaged here. He does quite well vocally here as well, without impressing. Probably also got a little tired of all the colored light we were served here.

Melody 4 – Ireland –

One of the most unique things I’ve ever seen on an ESC stage, it has to be, and it seems like this is catching on with a lot of people. Visually very exciting and unique, just so stupid that I simply do not fall for this. Just noise for me, but great effort in all areas pulls this one up a bit after all.

Final 1 – Great Britain –

Here, it is clearly a guy who has come out of both the cupboard and the box, and that’s how it works. I think maybe the homo-erotic stuff here is a bit over the top, but all in all, this is such a unique and innovative show that I really like it. Vocals within the acceptable also draw up,

Melody 5 – Ukraine –

This is simply a demonstration of power in absolutely every way, vocally, visually and not least song wise. And rap absolutely fits into an ESC song, it enhances the song a lot and I am completely blown away by this. Don’t overlook the fact that this one can take home the trophy. I’m actually sitting here with tears in my eyes, it was so beautiful.

Melody 6 – Poland –

Then we are served the first artist who is not quite up and nodding when it comes to the vocals. It is thin and flimsy and unfortunately quite uneven. The show itself looks cool on TV, but I feel that it doesn’t quite fit in with what the song is about and then the show becomes a bit too much of a good thing.

Melody 7 – Croatia –

Then we will see if the favorite stamp is something to have in this competition. Here it is full speed from the start and there is little to delay on the vocals. One fierce song notwithstanding, there is a lack of energy in the performance and the artist does not come across as annoyingly charming, but he gets the audience in the hall with him, there is little doubt about that.

Melody 8 – Iceland –

Yes, I know that many people think this is old-fashioned, but that’s exactly what I’m slowly getting into, because this is so beautifully executed that I think it can attract the slightly more mature voices. Flawless vocals and with Icelandic charm turned on full volume, I simply can’t stop loving this.

Final 2 – Germany –

Then we’ll move on to three minutes of piskos, which simply take over and set the whole scene on fire. The rest of the show and the song are probably not as much in flames, but are saved quite well by a steady and powerful vocal. Good empathy in the song also pulls things up a bit, so this will be a song to live with that will, however, struggle to stand out in the final.

Melody 9 – Slovenia –

There is already a Balkan ballad tonight and why not one more of the very dramatic type. I don’t quite understand the choice of costume, it doesn’t lift the song, a song that is performed very well vocally and that, together with the show, emphasizes in a good way what the song is about. But, for many, it will probably be a bit too much screaming and too little wool.

Melody 10 – Finland –

Nonsense songs can be a veritable plague and a nuisance, but sometimes there is so much that it becomes delightful nonsense and you can actually like that. And I love this, this puts a huge smile on my face and I can live with the fact that the vocals have potential for improvement at times. And pyro from the panties is priceless.

Melody 11 – Moldova –

Sometimes it can be an advantage to come after a noisy song, but other times your song comes across as mostly boring and that unfortunately happens here. Despite good control of the vocals, the song appears boring and bland, but I have to give a plus point for a great visual experience.

Final 3 – Sweden –

There is a reason why our Swedish friends are world champions in ESC and you can see that on this show. It is so delicious and well produced that you almost lose your breath. And when the guys also sing well and turn up the charm, there is little doubt who will win the hall anyway. This is quite nice, a bit of a stretch for an uninnovative song.

Melody 12 – Azerbaijan –

Most people make the songs stand out more when they get on stage, but for some reason our Azerbaijani friends haven’t been able to make it happen. Yes, it visually looks quite nice and it sings well, but for me it is too dark and gloomy. The two who are on stage are somehow not involved in the performance and do not seem turned on.

Melody 13 – Australia –

Maybe it costs a lot to fly lots of people to Europe, so maybe that’s why they couldn’t afford someone who could make a good stage show. For nice singing and good vocals, despite the whole show appearing so amateurish that I wonder what they were thinking here. But, they must have so that they create a good atmosphere on stage.

Melody 14 – Portugal –

Our Portuguese friend must ensure that they are almost always true to their own national musical treasures and she has the vocals in place. But, it doesn’t help much when the song itself feels like something you’ve already heard before and thus it becomes very predictable and almost a little exaggeratedly dramatic at times.

Melody 15 – Luxembourg –

Then we will have a fierce end to this semi-final from a country that is finally back after many years of absence. With my 32 years of speed as an ESC attendee, I have seen them once before. I find this song fairly indifferent and something I’ve heard before, but what we get to hear and see is well performed.

Then it will be guessed who I think will go on and I will end up with this list:











Tomorrow we will get the final result, enjoy the great show this will be.

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