The fifth episode of the R S G (radio sonder grense) series was broadcast  after 6 pm on Sunday 30 July. Elsje van Jaarsveld presented it while Ilse Schurmann wrote the text and produced the show.

This episode again ended after 20 minutes at 6.30 pm. During that time, 5 songs were played.

SONG 1 was MY NUMBER ONE by HELENA PAPARIZOU. She represented Greece at the 2005 Eurovision song contest in Kyiv, and gave Greece their first victory, and as of now, their only victory. Helena is of Greek origin but grew up in Sweden. She and her brother represented Greece at the 2001 Eurovision calling themselves Antique and achieved a third place. The boy band Hi 5 covered it in Afrikaans as Jy is die een. Dr Victor and the rasta rebels also covered it, but in English.

SONG 2 was by THE NEW SEEKERS. They became household names with the song I’d like to teach the world to sing. In 1972 they represented the United Kingdom with BEG STEAL OR BORROAW and achieved second place. The UK has ended in second place a record 18 times during the history of the song contest. The New Seekers recorded the song also in German. Unfortunately, no South African artist has covered this song.

SONG 3 was ONE STEP OUT OF TIME by MICHAEL BALL.  He represented the United Kingdom in 1992 at the Eurovision song contest. His biggest claim to fame is his song Love changes everything from an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. His song also ended in second place. Steven Sterling covered it in Afrikaans as Ons tyd het begin.

SONG 4 was I SEE A STAR by the Dutch duo MOUTH & MACNEAL. It was the 1974 Eurovision entry for the Netherlands. They performed it in English at the Eurovision song contest but they also recorded it in Dutch, German and French. Various Afrikaans covers were done among others by CLAUDE LARSON SANGERS (featuring Mynie Grove) and BARBARA VEENEMANS. Mouth & Macneal had at least two other big hits in the form of How do you do and Hello-a, both were also covered successfully in South Africa.

SONG 5 was the first of three entries for the German group WIND in Eurovision. In 1985 they performed the song FUR ALLE in German and ended in second place. Hanna Haller composed the song. The English version was played by R S G which is called FOR EVERYONE. Wind is still active these days but have had a lot of member changes over the years. Wind also recorded a Swedish version of the song, since the 1985 Eurovision song contest took place in Goteborg, Sweden. The song was covered in Afrikaans by Andre Schwartz as LIEF VIR ALLES HIER which became a classic and in Eurovision circles this is a very sought after collector’s item.

Once again, the show was very entertaining and we are looking forward to the remaining 8 episodes.


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