The first episode of the R S G (radio sonder grense) series started after 6 pm on Sunday 2 July. Elsje van Jaarsveld presented it while Ilse Schurmann wrote the text and produced the show.

ESC Covers were not sure how long each of the 13 episodes would be. Sadly it ended after 20 minutes at 6.30 pm. During that time, 5 songs were played.

SONG 1 was WATERLOO by ABBA, the 1974 winner from Sweden. This was to be expected, after all the Eurovision contest was Abba’s big break worldwide and probably the biggest success from the contest.

SONG 2 was NON HO L’ETA by GIGLIOLA CINQUETTI, the 1964 winner from Italy. They said Gigliola was 16 at the time and became the youngest artist to appear at Eurovision.  This is of course not correct; she is not even the youngest winner. That honour goes to SANDRA KIM who won for Belgium in 1986. ESC Covers checked with experts in Europe and the youngest participant is but it is from Israel 1989, GILI, one of the two members of the duo GILI & GALIT. He was just. After this the EBU changed the rules that participants must be at least 16 years old. They later introduced Junior Eurovision for singers younger than 16.

SONG 3 was NEL BLU DIPINTO DI BLU (or more commonly known as VOLARE). This was Italy’s entry in 1958 and sung by DOMENICO MODUGNO. This song did not win, it only came third. It was recorded by well over 1500 singers or groups, mainly in Italian or instrumental and one such cover even went to number 1 in the United States of America.

SONG 4 was ALL KINDS OF EVERYTHING by DANA, the 1970 winner from Ireland and the first of seven wins for this country. Dana was also young at the time, only 18. She later became active in politics in her country.

SONG 5 was another Irish winner, this time JOHNNY LOGAN with WHAT’S ANOTHER YEAR. They mentioned that Johnny would feature in a further episode, probably with his other victory.

The show was very entertaining and ESC Covers are delighted that finally after many years such a series has been produced. We look forward to the remaining 12 episodes.


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