Morten Thomassen from Norway starts reported on the final positions of the 37 entries in the 2023 Eurovision song contest. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

This is a blog entry and represents Morten Thomassen’s own views.

Someone has to come last and since the ESC has the strange rule that if some countries end up on the same score and you can’t tell them apart, then the starting number is the factor you use to give them their final result position .

It happened this year since both Romania, who started as number 3 in semi-final 2, and San Marino, who had starting number 12 in the same semi-final, both did not receive anything whatsoever in terms of points for their performance.

With their scoreless performance, Piqued Jacks thus became the first from this country to get 0 points and Valentina Monetta together with Jimmie Wilson escaped with no longer having the famous title of their country’s worst score.

Like last year, this country participated with a rock song called “Like An Animal” and unfortunately for them, the voting audience did not fully understand what they heard and when, in addition, Italy could not vote in this semi-final, the 0-point fate was probably not so surprising.

Our San Marinese friends, well actually Italians, fought together with Romania to have the worst pre-videos and so maybe it’s no wonder they ended up where they ended up, in that sense performing in Liverpool was a kind of upswing, but they still had a way to go go for this to be considered good.

They should have an energetic, but sometimes messy performance and quite a nice visual expression on stage, the big problem was probably that the song was quite boring and bland and they simply couldn’t get through in the TV slot, they did their thing on stage and when it doesn’t get more interesting than what it was, I think the vast majority probably found someone else to vote for.

The vocalist knew his stuff vocally and with a slightly more structured show might have won some points, but really I think that this country’s biggest problem is that most people see them as a curiosity and not a real competitor, it will little or no agreement, I’m afraid.

Think this country should go back to the system where they choose an artist internally, it’s been proven to be what has worked a few times for them.

Featured image – Corinne Cummings – EBU


  1. Brilliant song! But sone people just have no taste in Music. Rock on San Marino! One of the best entries ever

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