Morten Thomassen from Norway started reported on the final positions of the 37 entries in the 2023 Eurovision song contest. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

This is a blog entry and represents only writer Morten Thomassen’s own views.

We now go to the country that was the last of the finalist countries to get less than 100 points in total, our Moldovan friends led by Pasha Parfeni were a mere 4 points short of getting a triple digit score.

He got more points than the last time he participated, but since double points are now awarded, he dropped from 11th place in 2012 to 18th place now in 2023.

The song “Soarele Si Luna” actually came in first place before Norway in the first semi-final, but fortunately when you settled up after the final, Norway ended up 13 places ahead in the end.

You might think that this was a song that should captivate the jury, but songs with ethnic undertones didn’t particularly find much way into the hearts of the judges all the time they only gave up 20 points to this song while the people were almost four times as fond of this  song when they gave it 76 points.

Strangely enough, it was the Norwegian jury who liked this song the best and gave it third place in the final, the Norwegian people were more indifferent and did not give this song points.

Some people missed that Ukraine gave us something ethnic and then it was actually a bit nice that our Moldovan friends gave us the dose of this type of music we like is included in our beloved competition.

We are served something that to most probably sounds quite exotic and to somehow spice it up unusually they have a short man playing the flute, the instrument above all in Eastern European ethnic music.

Vocally, it’s within, but I feel that there’s a bit of real energy missing in the performance, here they try as well as they can, but it’s still somewhat tame and taken on.

The song is probably not exciting enough either and can feel quite bland to some, and no one is bringing up this year’s competition.

The 2020s have given this country a place in the finals all three times it has been organized and I see no reason why they shouldn’t bet on four in a row in that area next year.

Featured image – Corinne Cumming – EBU

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