PÆNDA, KTEE & Vida Noa release ‘Boys 4 Breakfast’

PÆNDA, KTEE & Vida Noa have released a hot new collaboration called Boys 4 Breakfast. It is an uplifting banger of a track.

Boys 4 Breakfast is composed by Vida Noa, KTEE, Christina Horn and PAENDA. The song is available to stream or buy from digital platforms such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more.

PÆNDA (represented Austria at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with Limits – her official Instagram is @paendamusic.

KTEE (@kteemusic) and Vida Noa (@vidanoamusic) are popular artists from Austria.

You can see the official music video for Boys 4 Breakfast below.

Source: ESC Covers


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