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Fan Experiences: Copenhagen 2014

Olimkhon Bakirkhanov, UzbekistanOLIMKHAN BAKIRKHOAV

It is indisputable fact that Eurovision Song Contest can be considered as the biggest TV show in the world. This fact made me watch it since I was 13 since idea of watching something live along with millions of people excited me. But I can say that my story of attending Eurovision started in 2011 when me as 9th grade student invited couple of friends to watch the show at my home live from Dusseldorf and when Azerbaijan won my aunt Vasila called me and we both simultaneously thought of going to Baku next year. At first I thought it was something impossible and aunt has to be kidding but one year later we were sitting in Crystal Hall in Baku with me almost dying of excitement. Then it was Sweden which seemed even more impossible to go to country since visa required bit we did it! And finally there was Copenhagen in 2014 which I can say brought me the most magical and unreal moments to my life.

First memory is our landing in Kastrup as every single wall of the airport was decorated in #JoinUs sings and not gonna lie this gave me chills. While we were in Copenhagen having the time of our lives with my aunt Vasila, who as you noticed is always with me, we went to the second semi final as unfortunately we didn’t have tickets for the first one and to the Grand Finale. As usual we were really excited for both events and everything was really out of this world: the crowd was amazing, positive vibes were in the air, music was beating in my heart, I really didn’t want to leave that arena. During the show I was messaging with my best friend from Tashkent and she couldn’t believe I’m actually sitting in the arena and seeing everything live. This made me emotional and I promised to myself to do my best to attend future Eurovision Song Contests.

Vasila Ablakulova, UzbekistanVasila Ablakulova

I’m a doctor and I was never paying much attention to music even though I graduated music school and can fluently play piano. I’ve been to many countries due to my work over last decade and since 2010 I retired from work. When I knew that next Eurovision will be held in Baku and suggested my nephew to go there since we had many relatives and friends over there. That’s how it all begun. Now I’m involved into Eurovision Song Contest as never before. My goal is to attend Eurovision every year since I feel alive when I’m at the arena with all those people cheering and smiling and that loud music playing. I feel happy and I can’t even describe this feeling. Attending Eurovision also gives me a chance to travel around the Europe.