Our World: Peru


Eurovision Party to Start the 2016 Season

Our friends and fellow fans in Peru have let us know that they are planning to hold an ESC themed party on October 24th in Lima (Peru’s Capital), to celebrate the beginning of the Eurovision Season of national finals and such. More news to come on the actual venue closer to the date so stay tuned!


Voting for OGAE RoW Eurovision 2015

We have received the votes from our fans in Peru.


Fan Experiences: Copenhagen 2014

Mirko Hernandez, Lima, PeruMirko Hernandez

Well I would try to sort it all out and go back to that date like it was yesterday but it seems it was several months after my adventure and especially everything that was required to enable me to go to Eurovision.

Since 2007 when a friend of mine made ​​me listen to Dima Bilan song “never never let you go”, which represent Russia in 2006 I found it very interesting that since I started listening to the music and watch the videos, I care more and more about other participants and other countries. It was very interesting until the song contest slowly enveloped me in a dream of going to Eurovision.

It was very exciting to start this long journey from Lima. It was necessary to get a tourist visa at the Embassy of Finland and I had to do this several months in advance. As it was my first time in Europe and especially in EUROVISION I try to investigate and have a itinerary, but my common sense and my desire to see and participate took me to many places and meet many people. It was just what I expected from meeting people with the same interest. When I talk about it now it brings me great satisfaction.

Before this incredible journey began I had heard all the songs for months and had my favorites. I already had a hunch that Conchita Wurst would be a big surprise because it was something different and a great talent waiting to happen. My friends and my family were happy that I was achieving my dream, as all I had talked about for many years was Eurovision. Those people who know me know that my phone must have two applications of Eurovision, ESCRADIO and music and whenever there is a party I will have many different Eurovision Songs playing.

I cannot describe the feeling I had when getting the tickets to Eurovision. It is still something that I cannot put into words. The thought that envelops me is a big smile. I must thank the people I met from OGAE Rest of Word who welcomed me with open arms. I had tickets to go to support the two semi-finals and now by myself succeed in obtaining the ticket to the Grand Final. I saw a nice city and people with lots of equal interest to me was and will be the best experience in my life. I hope to see you all next year with a lot and thousands of good wishes.