Our World: Colombia


Colombia Gets Organised for the Eurovision Final!

Pedro from Colombia has just informed us they have found a fantastic place to watch the Eurovision 2015 final – the biggest and best gay club in Bogota. Pedro will do a lot of P R for the event to make sure tons of Colombian fans will be there to watch and enjoy it and maybe see one or two of our members in the audience in Vienna.


Voting for OGAE RoW Eurovision 2015

Our Colombian fans have got together and selected their top ten.


They have put them up on YouTube so we all can see where their votes lie.

They have also posted their ten finalists for each semi-final.

Eurovision 2015 Primera y Segunda Semifinal

Thanks to J. c Anibal Villalba for informing us about what is happening with our friends in Colombia.


Fan Experiences: Eurovision and Me

Nicolás G. Mancini-Suárez, Bogotá, Colombia
Nicolás G. Mancini-Suárez
It was early 2002 when I first heard of Eurovision, by casualty, thanks to the Spanish talent show Operación Triunfo –OT. All started a quiet Monday night when I was at home, taking a rest after a long day of hard work. I was zapping on my TV when suddenly, I watched a very talented woman on the screen, singing one of my favorite songs ever, Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”, but this time being performed by an unknown Rosa López, who later that year represented Spain in Tallinn with her immortal “Europe’s Living a Celebration”, achieving a 7th place in the Grand Final.

Taking into account that one of the prizes for the winner of OT was the right to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest, I started to do some research on one of the topics I never imagined could become a very important element in my life. Eurovision started growing on me and year after year I became an even bigger fan, watching all editions since the very beginning, thanks to the Internet. However, the idea of sharing live all those emotions I could feel through the screen was very attractive, but it could be complicated for a EuroFan living in Latin America.

By the end of 2008 I decided to make my dreams come true, so I started to plan my trip to the following city to host this spectacular event, i.e. Moscow. It was quite difficult because I had to apply for a visa to enter the Schengen space and also to enter the Russian Federation. In addition, traveling from Latin America to Europe could be expensive if you don’t book your flights with due anticipation. But the most challenging issue was getting tickets for the shows, especially for the Grand Final, without being part of an official fan club. Fortunately I managed to deal with those situations and in the end, I had the most valuable experience I’ve ever had in my life, so far.

Today I found that ESC has become more than a music contest. I see it as an opportunity where many people from Europe and all over the world gather as one, sharing their culture, values and points of view, building bridges from west to east, north to south and vice-versa. No matter who the winner is, there are always those euphoric feelings of unity and hope for a better world.

Jairo Anibal Villalba, Bogota DC, Colombia

The reason for a visit to Vienna 2015 is to live my first contest and make history.
I follow the contest since 1997 and now is the time to live the experience with my Eurovision friends of OGAE.
In past years due my job and studies I could not travel and followed the contest via Internet, is the moment and enjoy music, friendship and much more under the umbrella of Vienna 2015.