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Fan Experiences: Vienna 2015

Lucho Maldonado, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lucho Maldonado
What I feel makes Eurovision such an important part of the international culture, is the fact that shows exactly how humanity should behave in a lot more scenarios. Proving that no matter where you come from, what flag you bear, what language you speak, or what ideology you believe in, you can get along, enjoy yourself, and have a great time being with completely different people and enjoying something together. But music is not just the excuse; it’s the trigger and the catalyst.

Over here in Latin America, there’s a lot of musical variety and people tend to love different rhythms, but sadly, I’ve never got experience anything even similar to this kind of contest. As much as Euro fans, not many people know about the contest, and of those who do, not many of them really understand what is it about or the magnitude of the event, which makes it even more difficult to really immerse oneself in the whole Euro spirit that starts to grow and grow the first months of the year, and that finally goes crazy when you realize your calendar marks the fifth month.

For 2015, I’m planning on experiencing Eurovision Song Contest live from the hosting city, and after months of searching for booking and planning the biggest trip of my life, I’m doing it mainly because it’s a dream I’ve been postponing for a bunch of years. Since I became a fan of the show, by the year 2001, I haven’t missed a year of previous studying and analyzing national selections, chosen representatives, rehearsals, semi finals, and final shows. And even a month after it’s done, I’m still re watching entries and press conferences. I want to truly feel the Eurovision atmosphere I’ve been living on my own for the past 13 years, and share it with people that care about it as much as I do.

Thanks to ESC, I’ve learnt a lot about European culture, languages, and international policies, and this time I think it’s my time to live Eurovision like I’ve been wanting to for years, and let myself become a real Euro fan, live from the middle of the action.

Nos vemos en Vienna, OGAE Rest Of The World!

Fan Experiences: Eurovision and Me

Damian, Ariel Bernath, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDamian Ariel Bernath
I remember a child singing Gali Atari`s Hallelujah at school as an anthem before he knew anything about the Eurovision magic and I do remember the same grown guy delighted with Dana`s Diva wishing to be part of that huge event. And finally it`s time cause I`m that guy. I`ll be happy to be in Vienna, where my father was born, with my husband George flying the flags of pride, love and singing all that wonderful songs! : That’s what I am, that’s what I’ll always be I don’t wanna be silent ,’cause this is my destiny.

Jorge Esteban Salazar Capon, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jorge Esteban Salazar Capon
All I can say is that Eurovision is my passion and one of my greatest loves. Year by year I follow the National Finals all across Europe, no matter the time differences, the languages…or the weak stream! My first memories about Eurovision starts with my mother singing Gigliola Cinquetti, Mocedades and Domènico Modugno, and myself singing ABBA.

My big dream was to be one day at the Festival. And now that I`m on my way to Vienna I know it will be the first but not the last show. I`m travelling with my husband and in some misterious way, he is a crazy Eurofan too, wich in Argentina IT`S A MIRACLE!!”