We have decided to list the CD’s we are bringing to Vienna and some will be added before Friday – after that day nothing new can be added as it will be too late

60th ANNIVERSARY COMPILATION CD’s (6 different compilations and in total 60 covers) and 30 copies of each – total 180

(plus minus 67 will be handed to the individual artists in Vienna)

DANISH DELIGHTS (12 Danish covers) – 10 copies

LOSE CONTROL OVER FINLAND (9 Finnish covers) – 10 copies

ICELAND IDOLS (14 Icelandic covers) – 5 copies

(one for Hera Bjork and one for Selma, and 3 others for fans)

NORWEGIAN NOVELTIES (12 Norwegian covers) – 5 copies

A MUSICAL BRIDGE FROM SWEDEN ( 18 euro covers by Swedish covers) – 10 copies

BEST OF MELODIFESTIVAL IN AFRIKAANS (18 covers of Melodi festival songs) – 5 copies

RALPH SIEGEL IN SOUTH AFRICA volume 1 (20 of his songs covered in South Africa) – 1 copy – for Ralph

RALPH SIEGEL IN SOUTH AFRICA volume 2 (21 of his songs covered in South Africa) – 1 copy – for Ralph

WONDERFUL DREAM WITH ANNE MARIE DAVID (5 covers of her 1973 winner) – 1 copy – for Anne Marie

ANOTHER NIGHT WITH JAN JOHANSEN (7 covers of his songs) – 1 copy – for Jan

ITS FOR YOUR WITH NIAMH KAVANAGH (covers of both her euro entries) 1 copy – for Niamh

EK VOEL STOUT (cover of HOPE AND GLORY) – 1 copy – for Mans

KAN EK JOU WYS (cover of CARA MIA) – 1 copy – for Mans

DINGE DONG (Afrikaans/Latvian cover) – 5 copies – 1 for Getty Kaspers

WIE WIL BY MY BLY (cover of a song by Fame) – 1 copy

BAD BOY (cover of Manboy of Eric Saade) – 1 copy

EK SAL VIR ALTYD LEWE (cover of Live forever of Magnus Carlsson) – 1 copy

EK EN MY KITAAR (cover of Tom Dice 2010) – 3 copies

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