OGAE Contests

ogae_logo bw Every year OGAE International facilitates three music competitions – directly related to Eurovision Second Chance Song Contest, and two more independent competitions Song Contest and Video Contest. The purpose of these contests is to primarily raise awareness of popular national music across the world in collaboration with fans of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). And secondly, to establish a strong working relationship between national broadcasting companies and the marketing of the ESC to a wider fan base.


Two other competitions are held annually in which OGAE Rest of the World participates. These are: Second Chance Retro and Guest Jury Hits, which feature retro songs.

In addition to these music competitions, OGAE International also oversees a pre-Eurovision Song Contest poll in which every national club vote for their favourite artists. Since its establishment in 2006, OGAE Rest of the World has been an active participant in all of these contests and the ESC Poll.

2016 season:
01-30 June: OGAE Second Chance 2016

2015 season:
01 – 18 December: OGAE Video Contest 2015Results
07-25 October: OGAE Video Contest preselection, Results
07 September – 01 October: OGAE Song Contest 2015, Results
09 July – 05 September: OGAE Second Chance 2015, Results
18 July – 31 August: Second Chance Retro and Guest Jury Hits 1974, Results
15 June – 10 July: OGAE Song Contest preselection, Results