Lucie Jones did very well with “Never Give Up On You”

COLE VAN DAIS – also a friend of MY FRIEND

Cole van Dais came to visit to hear all about Eurovision 2017. She also loves the song from Croatia and posed with items from Croatia. Her new duet CD is almost complete and will be available soon. It does contain an euro cover from Croatia, 1995, otherwise she would have done MY FRIEND in duet […]

Dalita in beautiful new photoshoot for

The beautiful and talented Dalita from Armenia has just released a stunning new photoshoot organised website. You can see an example of the charming photos below. Dalita is currently working on a brand new song that she wrote herself. We should see the results of this in the very near future. She is also […]


Manel Navarro still did better than some of the previous Spanish entries.


Only two top 5 for Italy since 2011. Raphael Gualazzi reached 2nd place in 2011 with his song “Madness of Love” and Il Volo reached 3rd place in 2015 with “Grande Amore”.


It is not secret that Croatia’s 2017 Eurovision entry MY FRIEND is the favourite song of ESCCovers and we are doing all in our power to get this song covered in South Africa. Today we will feature a bit of Croatia stating with the promo package – a chocolate, a fantastic MY FRIEND bag and […]

Sysuev releases brand new track and music video for ‘Fire In My Soul’

Sysuev is a promising r’n’b pop artist from Ukraine and he has just released his latest music video for his song Fire In My Soul. It is a soulful ballad sang with a lot of emotion. Sysuev is an independent artist helping to develop a culture Neo-Soul, Alternative R&B music around Ukraine and CIS countries […]

More memories of Kiev and Eurocafe and Violin Lorellin

Fans enjoyed their time at the Eurocafe at CEC Parkovy in Kiev during the Eurovision Song Contest period. Lots of the artists came and mingled with fans and chatted and posed for photos with them as well as bringing gifts. The talented Violin Lorellin entertained fans with her violin playing. Amongst her songs was Yesterday […]

Anna Trincher: Memories of Eurovision in Kiev

Anna Trincher was busy during the Eurovision period in Kiev this year. As well as being proud and enjoying the contest atmosphere she got to perform around the city herself making memories herself for many. Anna performed in the Euroclub at CEC Parkovy for fans and journalists and artists on a few occasions. She also […]


The last time they did was in 2015. Elina Born & Stig Rästa sang “Goodbye to Yesterday” and they finished 7th.