ESC Covers got the following press release from Swedish TV. From now on, Tuesday morning at 07.00, Melodifestivalen 2021 will publish one artist per hour. The first name out is a dear reunion for the Mello audience: – It is very fun to say welcome back to the competition to Danny Saucedo, says Karin Gunnarsson, […]

Ala & Ola Tracz release new Christmas song ‘Święta to radości czas’

Sisters, Ala & Ola Tracz, have released a brand new Christmas song to cheer up our spirits for 2020. The song is called Święta to radości czas (Christmas is a time of joy). It is an upbeat and catchy and feelgood song. Just what we need right now! Święta to radości czas is composed by Agnieszka Wiechnik, […]

Sophie releases official video clip for ‘Weihnachten zu zweit’

Sophie has released the official music video for her new Christmas song, Weihnachten zu zweit. Sophie said she wrote this song less that five weeks ago when she was thinking about how different the world has been this year and why should Christmas be any different. This is what she is questioning in the words of […]

‘Last Night’ – Poli Genova returns with new single

Poli Genova is back with a new single called Last Night. It is an upbeat and 80s retro feel dance song. Last Night is composed by naBBoo and Romy Dya. The production is by Poli Genova / Policanto. Poli has represented Bulgaria twice at the Eurovision Song Contest – in 2011 with Na inat and 2016 with If Love […]

Valentina wins 2020 Junior Eurovision for France with ‘J’imagine’

Valentina has won the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for France with her song J’imagine. In the end it was an overwhelming victory for France who received a total of 200 points (combined jury and public voting). Second was Kazakhstan with 152 points and Spain were third with 133 points. France were selected to sing last […]

Laura Cserpes releases festive hit ‘Te vagy a karácsony’

Laura Cserpes has released a new song and music video for the festive hit song Te vagy a karácsony (You are Christmas). It is a fun and upbeat song with a retro 90s style video clip to accompany the track. Te vagy a karácsony is composed by Dániel Somogyvári, Laura Cserpes and Abigél Cserpes. Laura took part in […]

Serbia: Petar Aničić releases Polish and Spanish versions of ‘Heartbeat’ – 2020 JESC

Petar Aničić will today represent Serbia at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with his song Heartbeat. He has just released two very special interpretations of the song – he has recorded both Polish and Spanish language versions. Heartbeat is composed by Petar Aničić and Vladimir Graić (music) and Marija Božović Radović and Mirko Radović Barreto (Spanish lyrics). The […]

Vasya & Nina Boykova record Ukrainian version of ‘I’ll Be Standing’ – Poland JESC 2020

Sisters, Vasya & Nina Boykova, have released a Ukrainian language version of the 2020 Poland Junior Eurovision song, I’ll Be Standing, by Ala Tracz. It is a very different take on the song with this version being more like a ballad and quite laid back. The Ukrainian words are by Ekaterina Boykova. The instrumental track […]

Vincent Bueno releases ‘On The Run’ album

Vincent Bueno has released a brand new studio album entitled ‘On The Run’. The album features nine tracks but it does not include his 2020 Eurovision chosen song, Alive. The new album is available to stream or download from all digital stores including Amazon, Spotify and many more. You can hear the title track On […]

Armenia Withdrawn Junior Eurovision entry released

As reported here earlier this month the song that would have represented Armenia at this year’s Junior Eurovision song contest ‘Why’ by Maléna has, as promised, now been released. Posting on her Facebook page Maléna writes: “It’s already November 29th and I’m finally ready to share my new single “Why” About her song Maléna adds – “We all […]