Netherlands Junior Songfestival 2020 to be held at the Ahoy Arena

In a surprise announcement earlier today, it was revealed that the Netherlands Junior Eurovision selection show ‘Songfestival 2020’ will be held at the Rotterdam Ahoy arena.

Netherlands JSF Finalists
Netherlands JSF Finalists

Details are still unclear as to whether an audience in the huge 16,500 capacity venue will be allowed to attend or what measures will be in place if they are.

The Arena was of course set to host Eurovision 2020; before it’s cancellation and is due to host Eurovision 2021, so perhaps the ‘Songfestival 2020’ will serve as a test event for how social distancing measure could be implemented if they are still required for the main Eurovision show in 2021.

Watch the announcement video with the participants below:

2 thoughts on “Netherlands Junior Songfestival 2020 to be held at the Ahoy Arena”

  1. Interesting choice of venue. Hope there is some sort of audience…as it will be rather big and empty without !!

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