Natalia Gordienko confirmed to return for Moldova at 2021 Eurovision

Natalia Gordienko has been confirmed to represent Moldova at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

The broadcaster, TRM, wanted to organise a national selection. However, due to restrictions with the current Covid-19 pandemic it was not possible. As Natalia did not get to perform her song, Prison, at the 2020 Eurovision due to the world health situation, TRM thought it was only right to invite her back again for 2021.

Natalia represented Moldova at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest along with Arsenium with the song, Loca.

Arsenium & Natalia Gordienko

Natalia’s Eurovision song for 2021 will be released in the coming weeks.

You can see the music video for Natalia’s 2020 Eurovision song, Prison, below as well as the video clip for Loca from the 2006 ESC.

Source:; ESC Covers

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