‘Music That Unites Generations’ – Important concert took place in North Macedonia

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An important concert took place recently at the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle. It was arranged by the cultural and artistic association of ‘Mrika’ from Kumanovo in North Macedonia.

The project was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the North Macedonia Republic and named ‘Music That Unites Generations’. The concert took on significant importance for the young musician students, who do not get a lot of opportunities because of lack of support and not many opportunities for employment.

The talented Albanian musician, Enalda Shehu, was one of the students participating in this beneficial and important concert. She says “The ‘Mrika’ association promotes Albanian musicians and composers in autochthonous and classical music. The last concert made together conductor, instrumentalist and tenors in chamber formation. The programme was diverse and appealing for the public. Part of the programme were compositions of the best classical composers of the world such as Gluk, Belini, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky etc. The ‘Mrika’ association continues to contribute to the art of music with hope of changing the perception of institutional conspiratorial”.

The concert was organised during this difficult time of the pandemic situation , so it was an extra challenge for the musicians to play wearing masks. There was a limited viewing audience allowed to watch.


Enalda Shehu is also part of Duo Voche (with  Arbëreshë Ademi), who perform a unique and variety of music and violin arrangements at events such as concerts, important ceremonies and cocktail parties.

You can see a video from the concert of ‘Music That Unites Generations’ below.

Source: ESC Covers

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