Flag of Montenegro

Flag of Montenegro

ESC Covers was informed this morning of a possible withdrawal from the 2020 Eurovision song contest in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and we were going OH NO NO and singing the Bernie Paul song. Roy van der Merwe especially is sad as their 2019 entry HEAVEN is his second favourite song of 2019.

But due to financial problems and the high costs of participation in the Eurovision, Montenegrin television  will not participate and will not send its representative to Rotterdam. We believe the RTCG broadcaster has tried to prevent withdrawal at all costs, and the European Broadcasting Union has extended the time for Montenegrin to make a decision by October 10. Unfortunately, it was not possible to provide funding to start the country in the competition.

Participation cost in Tel Aviv was higher due to Montenegro being drawn in the first semi final and also their group D MOL had 6 members who all had to be accommodated.

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